Grip Onto Safety With CEAT’s Top Monsoon Tyres

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With the arrival of monsoon, we upgrade our rain gear with the latest waterproof covers, stylish rainwear, fancy umbrellas and more. For those who commute often, these items are critical.

But just the way we look after our personal essentials, are we taking proper care of our cars in the rains, as well? This is exactly the season and reason to ‘suit-up’ your car to ensure safe and smooth drives on slippery monsoon roads.

  • To do this, you must focus on the basics:

    ●        Get a complete professional car service done, ideally before the monsoons. This will ensure that your car is well-oiled and well equipped to roll.

    ●        After your vehicle has passed the first test, move on to the tyres. The health of the tyres is crucial to your safety on the roads.

    ●        Remember, monsoons make roads slippery. Most of us forget to check our tyres' condition before the monsoon. This could result in mishaps like skidding or loss of vehicle control. So ensure that your tyres have a superior wet grip.

  • Bear in mind that a small patch of the tyre is always in contact with the road's surface. This means that the tyre should always be in top-notch condition, especially in humid or wet weather, to guarantee sufficient grip and safety.

  • If your tyre struggles to grip on to the roads and responds sluggishly to the brakes, it's time to say hello to a new set of tyres. An ideal monsoon tyre comprises the following features:

    ●        excellent water channeling

    ●        superior wet grip, and

    ●        maximum traction.

    CEAT has combined these ingredients to create the best and durable tyres that shall prove to be reliable monsoon companions for your vehicle. Read on to learn more about our special SUV and car tyres for rain.

  • 1) CEAT SecuraDrive

    Do you enjoy high-performance drives but not sure if your car tyres can run well on wet monsoon roads? The CEAT SecuraDrive is the perfect solution for you. This tyre contributes to brilliant ride quality and high-speed handling. It boasts of uncompromised braking performance on slippery surfaces.

    About the tyre:

    ●        It is built with a new generation compound that lends superior control at high speeds. So you can have safer high-speed drives!

    ●        Its long wide grooves offer strong aquaplaning resistance by displacing more water. This adds better control on wet surfaces.

    ●        Its unique chamfered shoulder blocks ensure exceptional braking and superior grip especially on wet surfaces

    ●        Its optimized tread pattern reduces road vibrations and results in lower tyre noise. This means no extra noise and more comfortable rides!

    Why it's a great monsoon tyre: With CEAT SecuraDrive, you acquire superior control and greater comfort even at high speeds. This superior control is a result of excellent wet grip.

    Size and Compatibility: CEAT Secura Drive is available in the rim size range of 15'' to 16''. It is compatible with over 60 vehicles. Check for vehicle compatibility here.

  • 2) CEAT Czar HP

    CEAT Czar HP is a high-performance SUV tyre from CEAT. It is the obvious choice for all SUV users who seek perfect grip and impeccable control, along with absolute comfort on wet monsoon roads.

    About the tyre:

    ●        It features large and stiff shoulder blocks that provide superior grip at high speeds, even on sharp curves.

    ●        The tread blocks are interlocked with transverse grooves that help maintain excellent directional stability especially on wet roads.

    ●        The innovative tread pattern provides superior wet and dry traction.

    Why it's a great monsoon tyre: The CEAT Czar HP turns all your rides into joy rides, even in the rain! All thanks to its capacity to have excellent stability on wet roads. 

    Size and Compatibility: CEAT Czar HP is available in rim sizes 16'' and 17''. It is compatible with over 20 SUVs. Check for vehicle compatibility here.

    So this rainy season, opt for monsoon tyres that can tackle the slippery roads aptly and safely.

    If you are worried about getting your tyres services or changing them during this lockdown, fret not. CEAT Shoppes offer contactless service for all your tyre needs. Don't just look for 'car tyre shop near me' online. In fact, find your nearest CEAT Shoppe for safe and reliable service. You can also choose to buy car tyres online on the CEAT website.


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