Know All About Renault Duster Tyre Size & Tyre Price

The Renault Duster is one of the most popular compact SUVs available in both Petrol and Diesel variants. The vehicle comes in five models: STD, RXE, RXL, RXS, and RXZ. 

All Renault Duster models use the same 215/65 R16 tyre size and suitable radial tubeless technology. Steel wheels are standard on the STD base model, but the RXE and RXL mid-level trims have full wheel coverings with the Renault emblem. The top-tier Renault Duster RXS and RXZ versions include alloy wheels with a gunmetal finish.

The latest versions are now available in petrol engines, adding to the ease of driving and passenger comfort. The diesel version has a powerful engine, and the newest turbo petrol engine, Duster, is available in the advanced BS6 version. The handling and driving dynamics of the Duster are admirable, as are the engine options. 

Several Duster cars are available in the used car market. Check the Duster car tyre size and the condition of the tyres while negotiating the prices.

A car’s performance does not solely depend on the engine, horsepower, torque, or transmission. Tyres play a crucial in the overall performance of the vehicle as well. The Duster tyre is critical, especially when driving on rough terrain. The grip and performance add to the driving comfort and fuel economy. The trend today is to upsize the Duster tyre and wheel size as it helps tide bad weather conditions and offers a comfortable ground clearance. Some people prefer larger wheels purely for aesthetic reasons.

The Pros and Cons of Duster Tyre Size:


Better Grip and Traction

Large tyres are broader and have better coverage on the track. Large tyres offer better grip and traction on gradients. With better road contact, the driver has reasonable control over the car, with easy manoeuvrability.

Corner Manoeuvering

The large Duster car tyre has wide threads and hard sidewalls, offering easy handling and better corner manoeuvrability.

Quicker Breaking

Timely breaking depends on several conditions like the road, weather conditions (rains make roads slippery), road friction, etc. The Duster tyre must have rubber consistency and a suitable tread pattern, with an ideal inflation pressure to help apply breaks quickly in an emergency.

Look and Feel

There is no denying that a larger Duster car tyre size adds to the general appeal and enhances aesthetics. Larger alloy wheels offer a jazzy, sporty look to the Renault Duster and can make heads while driving past on the road.


Larger wheels and tyres add to a car’s overall weight and can affect a vehicle’s mileage. Larger wheels significantly strain the engine and make it work harder, increasing fuel consumption.

Sluggish Steering

With power steering, larger wheels put a lag on steering because of the large-sized tyres, which are comparatively heavier. The acceleration also gets affected, and 0 to 60 could take a wee bit longer than usual.


  • What’s the Ideal Tyre Pressure?

    If concerned about fuel efficiency, always use the correct Renault Duster tyre size and ensure the proper tyre pressure. While under-inflation leads to the engine working harder and burning more fuel, 3 to 5% more is spent on fuel if the tyre pressure is incorrect. Leading industry tyre manufacturers recommend 35 PSI for Duster tyres for maximum fuel efficiency and driving comfort.

  • What’s the Duster Tyre Price?

    Duster tyre prices are available with leading car tyre manufacturers and dealers. Prices may vary depending on location, applicable taxes and discounts, and the dealers from where the tyres are purchased. However, check the Duster tyre price of leading tyre manufacturers for the best-suited Duster tyres for fuel efficiency and effective performance.


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