Tyres for Hyundai Creta: Sizes And Prices For All Variants

Hyundai Creta has been the SUV that has set new benchmarks in every aspect, right from extensive feature-list to versatile engine options. It also became the first SUV in its segment to boast 17-inch tyres in its top-of-the-line models. Thanks to the massive popularity of Creta, finding the right fit tyres for Hyundai Creta is not a herculean task. CEAT offers various reliable tyre patterns for the Creta that complement its aesthetics wholeheartedly. Before knowing the best Creta tyre, let’s first understand the tyre size across its trims.

  • Hyundai Creta Tyre Size

    There are two different tyre sizes available for the Hyundai Creta across its portfolio. The lower and mid-spec variants like E, E+, EX and S are equipped with 16-inch, 205/65 R16 tyres. In comparison, the more premium variants like SX Executive, SX and SX (O) are offered with bigger 215/60 R17 tyres with 17-inch alloy wheels. These tyres for Hyundai Creta come with a tubeless layout and radial construction.

    Tyres Choices For Hyundai Creta

    For variants E, E+, EX and S

    • Tyre size: 205/65 R16

    •  Tyre option: CEAT Milaze X3

    CEAT Milaze X3, a popular tyre for Creta, is known for its durability and long-lasting nature. The tyre can be ideally fitted to the lower and mid-spec variants of the Hyundai Creta SUV. With a perfect balance of hard and soft compounds for high endurance, the high-mileage tyre features extra rubber mass at the tread area and gets optimized shoulder depth for reduced wear and tear.

    It results in a slower decomposition of the central and outer tread, thus resulting in longer tyre life. Moreover, its stiffer shoulder design aids in keeping the vehicle stable even while cornering at speeds. For more details, check here.

    For variants SX Executive, SX and SX (O)

    • Tyre size: 215/60 R17

    •  Tyre option: CEAT SecuraDrive

    People prefer the higher variants of the Hyundai Creta for their best-in-segment features and better driving dynamics due to bigger 17-inch wheels. For these variants, the best Creta tyre on which you can place your bet is the CEAT SecuraDrive. The tyre features connected shoulder blocks and first-in-class 3D groove wall technology to ensure excellent stability during high-speed cornering. Further, the CEAT SecuraDrive tyre is integrated with a fluidic sipe design and HP Silane compound for high-speed performance, grip and confident braking. The unique tread enhances the grip, stability and riding quality of the Creta. The tyre infuses the CACTUS algorithm in pattern pitch for reduced road noise. For more details, check here.

    Prices And Availability Of Tyres For Hyundai Creta

    One of the best platforms to check, compare and buy tyres for Hyundai Creta is ceat.com. Here, you can purchase both CEAT Milaze X3 for variants having 16-inch wheels and CEAT SecuraDrive for variants equipped with 17-inch wheels. Depending on the variant, you can check the attributes like prices, features and warranty here.

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