When Should You Change Your Car’s Tyres?

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Every car owner knows how important it is to take good care of their vehicle.It is only when you take good care of your car that it will provide you with safety and comfort to you and your family. When it comes to maintenance and servicing of your car, it is noticed that your tyres are often the most neglected of all your car parts. But, it must not be ignored at all. After all, your safety depends on it.

  • Why should you change your car’s tyres regularly?

    Your tyres have something called tread. The tread refers to your tyres’ability to have a strong grip on a wet road. If your tyre has good tread, it will be able to stop, accelerate and turn easily even on a road which does not have the perfect driving conditions.

    With regular wear and tear, the tread of the tyres begins to wear out.This will compromise the ability of your tyres to grip the road,becoming a safety hazard for all those involved. When you go for regular servicing of your vehicle, your mechanic will be able to inform you when it is required to change your car’s tyres. Your tyres can look worn out due to constant wear and tear while driving,or even if your vehicle gets into an accident.

  • When should you change your car’s wheels?
    • A tyre needs to be typically replaced every 5 to 6 years, even if the tread is not worn out. This is done for the safety of the vehicle. However, the tyres and tread should be checked far more regularly to assess whether they need to be changed sooner or not.
    • If you notice that the tread has become worn out, it is time to opt for a new tyre. Typically, the mechanic will check your tyres during every oil change and when you take your car for servicing. A good mechanic will be able to find all the signs of the tread becoming worn out, and can help you with changing your tyres.
    • In case your car has gotten into an accident and there has been some damage to the tyres, even if minor, it might be a good idea to change your car’s tyres.
    • If you are driving your car in particularly harsh road conditions, you will need to check and change your tyres more often. This can include driving on bumpy roads, roads with a lot of potholes, wet roads, a climate with extreme temperatures, if you are driving on ice or on snow, etc.
    • Depending on your driving habits, your car’s tyres can get worn out even faster. Some of the factors it depends on are;
    1. How fast you drive your car
    2. Whether you drive on damaged roads or not
    3. Emergency braking or quick starting your car
    4. Not going for servicing as soon as you notice any changes like noise, vibration, or change in handling
    5. Not going for regular servicing and maintenance of your vehicle
    • Improper usage of your vehicle can also cause damage to your tyres which will require you to change them more often. Here are some of the factors contributing to improper usage of your vehicle:
    1. Using wheel sizes and rim sizes which are not compatible with one another
    2. Re-inflating a tyre which has been punctured or has been deflated heavily
    3. Mixing two or more tyre types
    4. Using tyres meant for the summer season on snow and ice climates
    • In case you notice a hole in the tread which is larger than 6 mm in diameter, you need to change your tyres
    • In case the sidewall of the tyre is damaged or deformed , it is best that you replace the tyres.
  • What are the signs to look out for when you need to change your tyres?

    It is important to know your car well. Inspect your car regularly and look for signs of tyre damage. These can include a punctured or deflated tyre, damaged areas or damaged valve caps in your tyres, uneven tread or shallow tread on your tyres. If you see any of these signs, it is important that you take your vehicle to a service centre at the earliest and get your wheels changed.

    It is also important to pay close attention to the feel of your vehicle as you are driving. In case you feel like the car is unstable, swerving to one direction while driving or you can feel a rough ride, it is important to take your vehicle to the service centre right away. The experienced mechanics here will be able to correctly diagnose the problem and inform you if your wheels need to be changed, and recommend the best wheels and tyres for your car for optimal safety and comfort.


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