Road Tripping In India? Remember These Simple Tips!

A road trip promises new experiences, loads of fun and lasting memories. In fact, road tripping in India is actually an adventure - full of surprises and thrilling experiences. However, you can avoid those unpleasant, avoidable surprises which might mar your trip. How? Read on to find out!
  • 1) Prepare your steed:

    You are a modern protagonist, so we are not talking dragons and horses here, but cars and bikes. The first thing you must do is take your vehicle for servicing at an authorized service center.

    ●        Remember to get the fluid levels inspected and check that the wipers are working.

    ●        Ensure that the head and tail lights are working correctly.

    ●        Double-check the air conditioning and heater, depending on your destination.

    ●        Pay attention to the car battery and its terminals. Do they need replacement? You definitely don’t want your vehicle to break down mid-journey, hence ensure that those elements are in place.

  • 2) Spin your wheels.

    Yes, you already got your vehicle serviced. But the tyres are the only point of contact with the road. And since you’re going on a road trip, you need to ensure that your wheels are ready to support you in your adventure.

    ●        Examine the condition of the tyres. Are they worn out? Is the tread wearing, or close to balding?

    ●        You can request the service center to give your tyres a professional inspection. Or find a certified tyre shop using the search term “tyre shop near me” on your internet browser. Talking to a professional will provide you with a clear idea of whether your tyres need replacing or just a repair will suffice.

    ●        If you need to replace your tyres, you can look for the best tyres online. We recommend that you opt for the recommended tyre size instead of experimenting with tyre layouts and wheel type. You can also get a better idea of the different tyre prices available.

    ●        Fast forward to your trip for a second, and make sure you’re prepared for a flat tyre. Look for a tyre shop online which falls en route to your destination. Or, be ready to help yourself out of the fix by learning how to operate a tyre puncture repair kit well in advance.


  • 3) Pick your allies.

    No adventure is complete without the right set of allies or a group of like-minded riders. And if you’re at liberty to pick your companions for this road trip, make sure you choose friends who add to the memorable experience!

    ●        Ensure that at least one of them knows how to drive so you can rest at regular intervals. Road tripping with a second driver, especially on challenging trips to destinations like Ladakh, can be a boon.

    ●        Remember, you’ll be accompanied by this group of people throughout the trip, so make sure you don’t feel like you’re stuck in a box. Instead, try and enjoy the experience together. 

  • 4) Pack your resources smartly.

    Remember, you’re going on a road trip. So, pack only what you need. Don’t travel heavy as it is tough to maintain the luggage on a bike. But don’t be miserly about essentials such as a first-aid kit, a toolkit, and generic medicines. Also, charge up your devices and carry a power bank just to be safe. Don’t forget your flashlight!

  • 5) Download the GPS route.

    Even heroes need directions, especially when navigating through some isolated Indian terrains. But the internet will not follow you everywhere. So whether you have a GPS system in your car or you’re relying on a navigation app on your phone, download the route map which is available offline as well. So in case your network is not available, at least your directions still are.

  • 6) Load up on good music.

    Add some music and tune it to the rhythm of a super trip. Pick some games that you can enjoy with your friends at a pit-stop. Carry some munchies and travel-friendly beverages. And always remember, whoever rides shotgun, gets to pick the music!

  • 7) Carry a spare key.

    Though rare, there are always chances that during a trip, you can get locked out of the car. Or lose the bike key. In that case, your road trip goes kaput. Especially since nowadays a lot of car keys are RFID enabled, making it even tougher to open up a car using ‘jugaad’. So always remember to carry a spare key, and keep it on your person at ALL times, like you keep your mobile phone.

  • 8) Don’t let the weather beat you at it.

    Keep track of the weather updates for the cities or towns you’re driving through. You have the liberty to use weather forecasting apps to prepare in advance. So use them to your advantage. In case of uncertain weather, it might be wise to postpone the trip.

  • 9) Book your accommodation in advance.

    Trust us when we say that you don’t want to find accommodation AFTER reaching your destination. Popular road trip destinations have abundant budget hotels and resorts. But they also have an uncanny ability to sense a customer’s urgent need and overcharge if you ask for last-minute arrangements. But if you book your room(s) in advance, at least you are assured of a good venue to stay and enjoy the place to the max, plus you will get good deals if you book in advance.

  • 10) Go old school with your money.

    While most of the country has gone digital, it’s not always viable to make payments digitally as you might not be able to pay dhabas and small shops with your card or UPI. So keep some cash on you at all times. It is also advisable to keep track of ATMs along the way, so you don’t need to keep a lot of money and risk it being lost.


  • 11) Store your documents and toll receipts where you can easily find them.

    Just like you need proof of identification, so does your vehicle. Remember to carry all the necessary documents, such as:

    ●        Registration certificate

    ●        Vehicle insurance

    ●        PUC

    ●        Driver’s license

  • 12) Drive responsibly.

    Just because you’re going on an adventure does not mean that the rules of safety will cease to apply to you. Drive responsibly and follow all the traffic rules. You can have fun without breaking any rules!

  • So go on and accept your call to adventure by road tripping across the beautiful locations of India!


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