A Complete Guide On Vespa Tyres

Vespa is one of the most stylish scooters available in the Indian market. Piaggio, an Italian conglomerate that owns the prominent Vespa brand, has a premium image that differentiates the owner from the masses. 

Vespa has been very well received by the young audience, and the Italian technology makes it undoubtedly reliable. The design statements and multiple colour options have been created with customers' age brackets in mind.

Vespa comes with a 125cc petrol engine, which helps it provide outstanding performance on the road. Vespa's tyre size and brand play a significant role in road safety, stability, and performance. Selecting the right tyre is essential for better handling and enhances the engine's life. A good quality tyre helps the rider gain confidence. Tyres provide pliable protection that absorbs shock as the tyre rolls over uneven surfaces. A tyre delivers a contact patch called a footprint. It is designed to balance the vehicle's load with the rolling surface's bearing capacity by providing contact pressure that does not overly deform the surface. Modern pneumatic tyre substances are artificial rubber, natural rubber, fabric, wire, carbon black and other composites. They comprise a tread and a body. The tread provides traction, and the body absorbs large amounts of compressed air.


  • Vespa Tyre size

    It is essential to understand the right tyre size for the scooter. Vespa's tyre size is 90/100-10. 90 is the tyre's width, measured from sidewall to sidewall in millimetres. 100 is the aspect ratio of the tyre, the percentage of its height with its cross-section to its width. Over here, 100 means the tyre's height equals 100 per cent of the tyre width. 10 is the diameter of the rim.

  • Best tyre for Vespa

    The CEAT Gripp (scooter) is the best tyre for a Vespa. Made with advanced technology, this tyre is highly regarded for its excellent results on public roads, especially in the scooter segment. Packed with other features, it's the perfect tyre for a Vespa. CEAT Gripp (scooter) tyres are long-lasting and sturdy, so the Vespa can easily handle the roughest urban and semi-urban roads. In addition to durability and excellent performance on wet surfaces, CEAT Gripp (scooter) also assures outstanding handling, grip and control.

  • How does CEAT Gripp (scooter) improve the performance of Vespa?

    CEAT Gripp Tyre provide excellent traction on rough and paved surfaces. The tread pattern consists of angled and directional blocks that provide sharp edges for improved braking. Angular and directional block patterns ensure reliable handling at high speeds. Broader and deeper shoulder grooves offer sure grip and braking in wet conditions. The tread pattern is optimised to provide excellent dry traction.

  • Vespa Tyre Price Summary

    CEAT is known for its premium yet affordable tyres. Prices for Vespa tyres with a grip pattern are considerably lower than other tyres in this segment.

    To buy or find prices for CEAT Gripp Scooter tyres for your Vespa, visit this link or the CEAT store.


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