An Easy Guide to Find the Right TVS Wego Tyre Size

TVS Wego might not be in production anymore, however, when it first broke on the scene, it brought a fresh wave of change. Reason? Compared to other unisex scooters sold before its arrival, TVS Wego was sleeker, sharper, and provided an agile riding experience. TVS Wego still is one of the most fun scooters to ride and its tyre size deserves all the credit. TVS Wego tyre size was unheard of in the scooter segment before as nearly all scooters did not exceed the traditional tyre size.

The TVS Wego went out of production in 2019 in the wake of the arrival of BS6 emission norms. However, the TVS Wego tyre size was retained for its higher-selling sibling – the TVS Jupiter.

  • TVS Wego Tyre Size and Wheel Size

    The TVS Wego tyre size was the largest in its segment when it was first launched. The scooter came with 90/90-12 tyres on both ends, with stylish alloy wheels.

    Recommended TVS Wego Tyre Options 

    As the TVS Wego tyre size is shared with the current TVS Jupiter scooter, finding the right tyre option for TVS Wego is not a very difficult task. There are two 90/90-12 tubeless tyre options available for TVS Wego, both of which can be used either as front or rear tyres. They are as follows:

    CEAT Zoom D

    The CEAT Zoom D perfectly matches the athletic nature of the TVS Wego, as this tyre is engineered with mindfulness to line and cornering stability. Factors like continuous centre grooves from tread to shoulder, optimized compound and extended lateral grooves ensure that the scooter remains vibration-free and stable on both wet and dry riding surfaces. The grooves scatter water effectively without the risk of aquaplaning. 

    CEAT Milaze

    If you want a tyre that feels as reliable as the TVS Wego, CEAT Milaze is the one dependable sort. Engineered for extended durability, Milaze offers groove depth, 10 percent more non-skid depth, and a multi-directional tread pattern. The tyre compound and pattern arrests tyre wear largely. In addition to its long-lasting capabilities, the Milaze also offers excellent grip on wet surfaces made possible due to its knobby tread.

     TVS Wego Tyre Price 

    Tyres available for the TVS Wego are as economic as the scooter itself. CEAT Zoom D and CEAT Milaze are priced at Rs 1,240 (approx) and Rs 1,215 (approx), respectively. 

    TVS Wego Tyre Availability

    Both tyres - CEAT Zoom D and Milaze 12-inch - for TVS Wego are available online at or the CEAT app. In addition, you can also check the tyres in-person at the CEAT Shoppe stores.


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