Important Things You Should Know About Honda Activa Tyre Price in 2021

The Honda Activa has existed in the Indian market for more than two decades. During these years, the scooter has evolved a lot in terms of mechanics and styling. The changes resulted in an eventual rise in the scooter price as well as the Honda Activa tyre price. New changes in the tyres have made them much more effective than ever before too.

  • Honda Activa Tyre Options

    While new generations of Honda Activa are shod with 90/100-10 tubeless tyres, the scooter used to have 3.50-10 tube-type tyres in its initial years. CEAT offers the entire range of both tube-type and tubeless tyres for all Honda Activa  iterations available in India.

    Honda Activa Tyre Price

    The Activa tyre size of 90/100-10 and 3.50-10 offered by CEAT are reasonably priced. The Activa tyre comprises a diverse tyre pattern range. The 90/100-10 tyre is tagged between Rs 1,170 (approx.) and Rs 1,300 (approx.). Similarly, the 3.50-10 is priced at Rs 1,050 (approx.).

    Honda Activa tyre options – Front

    There are two different front tyre options offered for the Honda Activa currently – one tubeless for the new generation models and one tube-type for older generation models. These are as follows:

    1. CEAT Zoom D

    Activa tyre type – Tubeless

    Activa tyre size – 90/100-10

    Activa tyre price – Rs 1,270

    The zig-zag centre grooves and continuous grooves in the shoulder area of the CEAT Zoom D front tyre offer exceptional grip on wet surfaces.  

    2. CEAT Milaze

    Activa tyre type – Tube Type

    Activa tyre size – 3.50-10

    Activa tyre price – Rs 1,050

    This tube-type front tyre for Honda Activa is known to be highly durable due to its high rubber content and deep grooves.

    Honda Activa tyre options – Rear

    Unlike the front tyre, the rear tyre of Honda Activa has two different options in tubeless and tube types. While the sizes are similar to that of their front counterparts, their grading and qualities are different. Following are the rear tyre options for Honda Activa:

    1. CEAT Gripp X3

    Activa tyre type – Tubeless

    Activa tyre size – 90/100-10

    Activa tyre price – Rs 1,300

    The CEAT Gripp X3 comes with a multi-layered rubber compound at tread, which helps in reducing the wear rate.

    2. CEAT Milaze

    Activa tyre type – Tubeless & Tube Type

    Activa tyre size – 90/100-10 & 3.50-10

    Activa tyre price – Rs 1,170 & Rs 1,050

    The CEAT Milaze rear tyre offers 10 per cent more non-skid depth at the contact area. This arrests the tyre wear and maintains excellent grip under varied conditions. The deeper grooves of CEAT tyre calls for superior aquaplaning characteristics and optimum grip.

    You can make an informed decision by going through the Activa tyre price and other detailed specifications of the tyre before buying at


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