GRIPP X3 tyres for your vehicle

Upgrade to the multi-layered Gripp X3 scooter tyre. Say goodbye to your skidding worries!

When a tyre ages, the first thing to go is the grip. But with CEAT Gripp X3 scooter tyre, you can be worry free. It features an extra layer of tread so that even if the first one wears out, the tyre’s grip to the surface remains as good as new! The attractive tread design checks uneven tread wear and grants the tyre a longer life. The rounded shoulder blocks aid in confident turns without hampering ride stability. And finally, the tyre offers impeccable ride quality owing to its innovative tread block connectors. Wobbly rides, no more! The high-quality scooter tyre is available in the tubeless format and in one size. It is compatible with scooters ranging from Suzukis to Honda.

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90/100-10 53J
  • Tube Less
  • Bias
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