Must-Have Scooter Accessories For Safer Rides During Monsoon

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India is one of the biggest two-wheeler markets of the world. In other words, India primarily runs on two-wheelers. This should not come as a surprise because, if we analyse why, two-wheelers as a vehicle are easier to drive, economical and the ‘go-to’ vehicle for personal commute - very much like one’s one mobile phone. Besides the scores of working men and women, thousands of teenagers, women and even the elderly, also use scooters and bikes.
  • Throughout the year, riding a scooter/ bike is bliss except for the monsoons, when it becomes a challenge. Now since the monsoons are here, how do owners keep their vehicles in running condition. During the rains, umbrellas or raincoats protect you, but what about your scooter?

    Rainwater can damage your two-wheeler in many ways. The primary issues related to monsoon riding on a bike or scooter are waterlogged streets, slippery roads and health hazards.

  • So how can you ensure safety and convenience for your monsoon rides on your scooter or bike? Here are some essential monsoon scooter accessories that can be helpful in the wet weather.

  • 1) Rider Gear

    Getting drenched in the rain can lead to a cold. So invest in good waterproof riding gear to ensure that you don't get wet when commuting. There are a variety of raincoats available in the market, irrespective of your gender and size which you can  buy both online and offline. Don't put yourself at risk by opting for a rainproof jacket only. Keep a pair of over-pants handy, as you never know when a light drizzle may turn into a torrential downpour.

  • 2) Shoe Covers

    Riding in the open or resting your feet on the ground when you are not in motion, can drench your shoes and feet. Spending the entire day in those squelchy shoes and wet socks is definitely not desirable. Avoid this discomfort by using shoe covers. These covers not only prevent your shoes from getting wet, but also protect them from damage. 

  • 3) Backpack Covers

    This one is a must if you carry shoulder bags or backpacks. Sometimes, during a light drizzle, you may not feel the need for a raincoat. But what about the contents of your bag, especially electronics? Hence, get a full backpack cover that ensures your bag and your belongings are not damaged in case of a downpour.

  • 4) Ventilated Helmets

    Rains can cause the helmet's visor to fog up. So a lot of riders pull it up for better visibility. But this means that the raindrops can hit your face directly and cause more visibility issues. Switch to ventilated helmets instead of regular ones during the monsoon. Though they are slightly more expensive, ventilated helmets are safer to use in the rainy season, and  in winters. 

  • 5) Smartphone Mount

    Using a phone while driving is a strict no-no. But sometimes, it becomes absolutely necessary to answer a call. Now, if the phone rings and you try to take it out while riding in the rains, it can pose multiple risks for you and the phone. It can cause distraction and loss of balance. Or the phone may slip out of your hand, get wet and malfunction.

    A simple way out of this is to get off the road and answer the call. However, if it's not viable, a smartphone mount may help. There are custom waterproof phone mounts that come with the overall casing so you can rest assured that your phone will remain water-free.

  • At CEAT, we are always committed to our commuters’ safety. Keeping in mind the pandemic scenario, we suggest you keep some additional accessories handy

    1) An extra bottle of hand sanitizer

    2) Extra face masks and gloves

    3) Washable cloth to wipe your scooter before and after use.

  • Besides these accessories, another thing that can make your rides safer this monsoon is a pair of CEAT tyres for scooters which have a great grip. For instance, the CEAT Gripp X3 makes an excellent tyre for wet roads. If you’re looking for an Activa tyre for monsoon, you can find the best monsoon tyre in the CEAT Gripp X3 here. Buy this monsoon scooter tyre on CEAT’s online store, or book an appointment with a CEAT Shoppe near you to buy it in person while following all the mandatory social distancing rules.

    We hope that this list of must-have monsoon accessories serves you well this rainy season. Be safe, stay healthy!


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