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Honda Activa needs no introduction. A trailblazing brand itself, Activa has been instrumental in popularizing gearless scooters in India. The scooter was introduced in the Indian market almost two decades ago with a humble sub-100cc engine. Since then, it has received several instrumental upgrades, including a more powerful 110cc engine and tubeless Honda Activa tyre in place of the erstwhile tube-type tyres.

  • Advantages of Buying Honda Activa tyre Online

    As an original equipment, the tyre of the Honda Activa scooter features a tubeless layout. However, the older generation models were equipped with tube-type tyres. If you are looking for a replacement for your current Activa tyres, then ordering new ones online can bear significant advantages. 

    You can order your new Honda Activa tyre at in a few clicks, from the comfort of your home. Depending upon the existing tyre type (tubeless or tubed) you can go through the advantages and specifications of each Activa tyre.

    These details will give you an exhaustive idea about the tyre pattern options you should consider for your Honda Activa. You can select tyres as per application and daily usage on different surfaces. If you ride on smooth tarmac, you can pick a tyre with a wide contact patch that sticks to the surface and offers comfortable ride quality. Likewise, if the conditions the travelling conditions are rough, you can opt for a knobby tread tyre that can evacuate mud and water easily.    

    You can make your selection and place the order on the website. The selected tyre will then be delivered to your desired address. This eases the purchasing process and saves time.

    Online Tyre Options Available for Honda Activa

    You can select a Honda Activa tyre from the varied tyre pattern offerings, depending on the budget and preference from the below listed.

    Honda Activa Tyre – Front

    1. CEAT Zoom D

    Size: 90/100-10

    Price: Rs. 1,270 (approx)

    This tubeless Honda Activa tyre has a zig-zag circumferential groove in the centre of the tread for consistent traction. Moreover, the continuous grooves run from the centre to the shoulder area to ensure optimum stability at high speeds. These aspects help in enhancing the overall performance of the tyre and prevent any wobbling.

    2. CEAT Milaze

    Size: 3.50-10, 90/100-10

    Price: Rs. 1,050-1,170 (approx)

    Focused towards high life and value, the tube-type Honda Activa tyre promises optimal durability with an increased depth in its grooves for excellent grip on any surface. The high rubber content at the tread area calls for longer tyre, while the multi-directional pattern scatters water effectively under wet situations. 

    Honda Activa tyre – Rear:

    CEAT Gripp X3

    Size: 90/100-10

    Price: Rs. 1,300 (approx)

    The tubeless Honda Activa rear tyre features a unique tread design with visual aesthetics. The multi-layered tread design with dual-compound expertise enables better tread life. The distinctively designed tread blocks reduce the tread wear rate, while the block connectors improve ride quality by diminishing the chances of a wobble and skid.


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