Want To Have Safer Scooter Rides During Rain? Check Out These Basic Tips!

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For everything a man can do, there's a woman who can do it just as well, if not better. India's roads have seen a welcome rise of women scooter riders. From working women to college going girls, women from ages 18-32 lead the market share of female scooter buyers. And not even the vexing monsoons can hinder the indomitable spirit of these women.
  • But a firm resolution alone isn't enough to ensure one's safety. Wet, potholed roads are a stubborn nuisance. And one must be prepared to deal with them efficiently. After all, life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning how to dance in the rain! So, ladies, here are some tips to combat slippery monsoon roads, and ensure safety and smoothness with every ride. 

  • 1) Go basic.

    Before you hit the wet roads this monsoon, thoroughly examine your scooter's essential parts. 

    ●        Test the responsiveness of the clutch and brake. 

    ●        See if your indicators are working. 

    ●        Check the brightness of your headlight and taillight. 

    ●        In case of inconsistency in your scooter's performance, get it fixed right away. 

    Once the basics are taken care of, you will be able to navigate the challenges of the monsoon roads much more confidently.   

  • 2) Dig your wheels in.

    The stability of any ride vastly depends on the condition of the scooter's tyre. For instance, imagine that you own an Activa. Your Activa tyres with grip are likely to better aid in maneuverability and control of damp conditions as compared to tyres with limited grip. 

    ●        Check the tyres of your scooter for wear and tear. If you find that they are considerably worn out, it might be useful to switch to the next best Activa tyre for rain. 

    ●        Remember, the best scooter tyre  for monsoon will make sure that excess water gets dispersed efficiently. 

    ●        Suppose you have an Activa 3G. In this case, the best selection for an Activa 3G tyre should have enough tread to provide you with proper traction on wet monsoon roads while withstanding the abuse from city roads. 

    CEAT offers a variety of the best scooter tyres for monsoon. You can check them out here.

  • 3) Be a rebel. Follow the rules.

    That's right, during monsoons, following all the traffic rules and regulations is an act of rebellion. Traffic rules are generally overlooked during rains as everyone is eager to reach their destinations. This may cause mishaps, which can actually be avoided. So, whenever you're out on the roads, remember to...

    ●        Obey traffic signals.

    ●        Always wear a helmet!

    ●        Be careful while navigating around pedestrians.

    ●        Avoid distractions such as attending a phone call or listening to music while riding on your scooter. 

    Beware of stray animals crossing the roads abruptly.

  • 4) Take it slow.

    Slow and steady wins the race, especially when speeding may lead to skidding and slipping. 

    ●        Always ride at moderate speed during rains.

    ●        Be extra slow on waterlogged streets, and try to avoid splashing other motorists/pedestrians.

    ●        If it's raining heavily, halt. Look for shelter and wait for the pouring to slow down. 

    ●        Keep a distance of at least 2-4 meters from the vehicle in front of you. This will give you ample time to apply brakes in case the leading vehicle makes an abrupt halt.

  • 5) Don't pick the road less traveled by.

    Try to stay away from the off roads during rains. 

    ●        The chances of a tyre puncture are more likely on kachcha trails than on asphalt surfaces. Choose the tarmac route over an off-road one even if it's slightly longer. 

    ●        Use main roads as much as possible during monsoon. 

    ●        Avoid riding through narrow lanes/streets to prevent punctures.

  • 6) Check if your indicators are working regularly.

    Not using side blinkers or using them only when you are about to take turns can be dangerous. 

    ●        Rains tend to affect visibility. Give adequate time to the vehicle behind you to gauge your intention when using the indicators.

    ●        Use the side mirrors to observe what's behind you.

    Additionally, here are some tips that can be useful around the year:

    ●        Always replace the scooter side stand before taking off.

    ●        Don proper protective gear.

    ●        Carry valid driving license and other related documents.

    ●        If you're traveling long distances, try to ride in daylight. This way, you'll reach your destination before sunset.

    ●        Say 'No' to drinking and riding.

  • So, keep your spirits high this monsoon by following these simple tips to ensure safe rides on wet roads.


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