Your Safety Is CEAT’s Priority

The Coronavirus pandemic has been an unprecedented event and the entire world is reeling under its effects. While staying at home is the best precaution, it’s not always possible to not step out of the house. So, we must follow proper safety precautions. We, at CEAT Tyres, believe in dealing with the speed-breakers of life with equal amounts of never-say-die attitude and practical measures.
  • At CEAT, we stand for safetyAfter all, our purpose is to make mobility safer and smarter every day. This is why we now provide contactless service at all our CEAT Shoppes where we have pledged to strictly follow all safety norms to ensure total safety for our customers and staff members.

  • Our safety initiative features a series of steps for any customer looking for a safe car tyre change, which are:.

  • → Availing the pick-up and drop service

    ●        We offer contactless pick-up and drop services for our CEAT Shoppe customers at select outlets.

    ●        You can give a missed call on 9212751275 and avail of this facility to enjoy tyre fitment, tyre checks, wheel alignment, and other services from the convenience of your home.

    ●        All the touchpoints of your vehicle will be completely sanitized before it is returned to you.

  • → Booking a prior appointment at a CEAT Shoppe

    ●        We provide online booking services to make an appointment for service at CEAT Shoppes.

    ●        This facility allows for quick and crowd-free service for our customers.

  • → CEAT's exclusive doorstep service

    ●        We want you to be safe when you're out there on the roads. Hence we can come over to your doorstep to provide the following services:

    -          Car sanitization

    -          Battery jumpstart

    -          Tyre inspection

    -          Air inflation

    -          Tubeless tyre puncture repair

  • → Safety precautions taken at CEAT Shoppes

    ●        Our Shoppes are sanitized before opening. Furniture, air conditioners, card machines, and customer interaction areas are disinfected thoroughly.

    ●        All CEAT staff members put safety above all else and self-examine themselves before heading to work.

    ●        The staff is provided with proper safety gear in the form of gloves and masks.

    ●        We maintain a distance of 6ft while interacting with customers.

  • → Before you enter a CEAT Shoppe

    ●        We believe that now is your chance to be a superhero and wear a mask.

    ●        You will be greeted with a humble namaste and a thermal scanner to check your temperature.

    ●        The sanitizer bottle available at the entry is at your disposal to sanitize your hands.

  • → When you enter a CEAT Shoppe

    ●        You will be requested to adhere to social distancing norms and maintain a distance of 6ft while waiting for your turn.

    ●        We value your safety and will serve you one at a time. Please bear with us!

    ●        Your vehicle and its frequent contact points such as the steering wheel, door handles, gear, etc will be sanitized after service.

  • So for all your tyre woes , there's a CEAT Shoppe to help you get back on the road safely and smartly. Looking for a safe car tyre shop? Just find a CEAT Shoppe near you.


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