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Questions Related to Hyundai i10 Tyre

Have queries related to Hyundai i10 Tyres? Find answers to your questions related to Hyundai i10 Tyre

These details can be found in the user manual of the car or mentioned on a yellow sticker at the door jamb at the driver’s side.

No, you should avoid mixing brands for the front and rear tyres. Using tyres from different brands for your vehicle may hamper with its performance and ride quality.

The Hyundai i10 tyre price depends on the type of tread pattern you choose from the given variety of tyres offered by CEAT.

Every Hyundai i10 tyre size has a unique speed and load index which can be found on the tyre’s sidewall.

CEAT provides a range of Hyundai i10 tyres online - CEAT FuelSmarrt tyre, CEAT SecuraDrive tyre and CEAT Milaze X3 tyre.

The recommended Hyundai i10 tyre size is 155/80R13. The upsize for Hyundai i10 tyre is 175/60R15.

The suggested Hyundai i10 Tyre Pressure is - Hyundai i10 front tyre pressure is 33, Hyundai i10 rear tyre pressure is 33



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Looking for Hyundai i10 Tyre Online?

Know more about Hyundai i10 Tyre Price and Hyundai i10 Tyre Size. Find the best Hyundai i10 tyres by entering few details in the search section above.

How to find the best Hyundai i10 tyre?

The best Hyundai i10 tyres for a smart buyer need to be durable and strong enough so that they can navigate city lanes with ease. City traffic also demands rapid acceleration and sudden braking! The rubber in the high-quality Hyundai i10 Tyres should have an outstanding dry grip and reduced stopping distances.

Hyundai i10 Tyre Sizes

The recommended Hyundai i10 tyre size is 155/80 R13. The upsize for the Hyundai i10 tyre is 175/60R15.  Both have radial construction. The radial construction ensures less rolling resistance, lower fuel consumption, more grip and greater ride comfort at high speeds. Hyundai i10 tyres are available in tubeless layouts.

The best Hyundai i10 tyres from CEAT Tyres

Tailor-made for the Indian road conditions, CEAT offers 3 distinct tyres for Hyundai i10 - CEAT Milaze X3 tyre, CEAT FuelSmarrt tyre and CEAT SecuraDrive tyre:

1)      CEAT Milaze X3 tyre is one of the best Hyundai i10 tyres that ensure the best tyre life. CEAT Milaze X3 tyre offers some benefits such as:

• Long tyre life - With its innovative tread compound and stiffer sidewall, one can ensure that this tyre will last long.

• Even wear - The high rubber content of the Hyundai i10 tyres ensures that it wears evenly, making for a smooth ride and long-lasting tyre.

CEAT Milaze X3 tyres are only available in the tubeless layout for the 155/80R13 Hyundai i10 tyre size.

2)      CEAT FuelSmarrt  Hyundai i10 tyre offers excellent eco-friendliness, economic efficiency and worry-free experience. With these benefits, one will enjoy safer roads and greater peace of mind when behind the wheel:

• Fuel efficiency - This Hyundai i10 tyre comes with a fuel-efficient design that can reduce your fuel consumption by up to 7%*.

• Pocket friendly - Cutting fuel consumption means you'll save cost!

• Reduced carbon footprint - The stiffer tread pattern of this Hyundai i10 tyre creates a more efficient carbon footprint. The environment-friendly material of the Hyundai i10 tyre makes one a responsible global citizen. One can save fuel while giving back to the planet!

The CEAT FuelSmarrt tyres are only available in the tubeless layout for Hyundai i10 tyre size - 155/80R13

3)      The CEAT SecuraDrive Hyundai i10 tyre provides superior control at all speeds. What's not to love about a set of tyres that will give one greater peace of mind while driving? Here are some benefits:

• Superior grip - The CEAT SecuraDrive tyre has been designed to help one achieve excellent traction on wet surfaces, even at high speeds. Hyundai i10 tyre will stay inflated better and last longer than before!

• Optimized tread - Optimized treads make for a much more soothing drive. The low road vibrations and tyre noise are reduced, allowing one to focus on the surroundings without distractions!

The CEAT SecuraDrive tyres are only available in the tubeless layout for Hyundai i10 tyre size - 175/60R15

Hyundai i10 Tyre Pressure

The suggested Hyundai i10 Tyre Pressure for front tyre is 33 , and for rear tyre is 33.

Hyundai i10 Tyre Price

Hyundai i10 tyre price varies as per the range of tyres one chooses. Find out more about the Hyundai i10 tyre price online. You can Buy Hyundai i10 Tyre Online in just a few simple steps and get FREE Home Delivery of Tyres.  You can also visit a CEAT Car Tyre Dealer Near You.



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