About the cause

An overview of Netranjali India has over 6 million blind people. Aligned to our vision of eradicating blindness and providing proactive eyecare to communities around our plants/ offices we initiated our eyecare program - Netranjali. It was executed in association with NGOs and other partners, wherein we connected with over communities like truckers and commercial drivers to provide quality, free eye care. To ensure their safety, the initiative comprised free eye check-up camps and spectacle distribution. Our aim was to provide a safe, sustainable future of the country through Netranjali.


WE HAVE REACHED OUT TO OVER 5,00,000 individuals


About Netranjali

Blindness is a preventable disability. In a drive to create a safe, sustainable future and make to communities more employable, we initiated the ambitious eye-care program, Netranjali.


The program connected with communities near our plants/ offices like truck drivers and commercial drivers, whose eyesight is of utmost importance given the nature of their profession.


In association with partners like NGOs, Government bodies, health workers and school teachers, we reached out to over 5 lakh people through free eye-check up camps and spectacle distribution.


In our drive to give India a bright and safe future, we committed ourselves to create an impact and help people in this cause.

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