Everything You Need To Know About Honda Unicorn Tyres

Honda Unicorn has been in the Indian two-wheeler market for almost two decades, owing to  the motorcycle’s robust reliability and smooth mechanicals. Thankfully, there are many Honda Unicorn tyre options from CEAT, which offer the same order of reliability. So if you wish to replace its stock tyres with new ones, take a look at the right size, sources, features and benefits offered by CEAT tyres.

  • Where Can You Buy The Best Unicorn Tyres?

    CEAT has made its entire range of tyres available on its website, including those for the Honda Unicorn. You can get details of any front or rear Honda Unicorn tyre here. You can also compare the prices and features of all the tyres. After you place the order, get the delivery of your selected tyre to your doorstep. If you wish to buy tyres offline, you can visit any tyre dealer nearby or walk into any CEAT Shoppe in your town/city. 

    Honda Unicorn Tyre Size

    The refined 150cc motorcycle from Honda features a 2.75-18 tyre at the front. Moreover, the rear is fitted with a Honda Unicorn tyre size of 100/90-18. The front tyre is offered in tube type and tubeless layout, while the rear tyre comes in sole tubeless form.  

    Honda Unicorn Tyre Options

    Following are all the Honda Unicorn Tyre options that CEAT offers:

    Unicorn Front Tyre:

    • CEAT Secura Zoom F (Tube-Type): The tyre gets directional groovy tread, which helps in providing extra grip on wet surfaces. The Secura Zoom F tyre comes with a continuous centre rib and extended groove design to inspire confidence while riding at slower city speeds.

    • CEAT Gripp F Puncture Safe (Tubeless): The tyre features unique blocks on its shoulder area and centre rib for enhanced grip. It helps in smooth cornering and easy-rolling on straight roads. Further, the advantage of Puncture Safe allows hassle-free riding even after the nail prick, thanks to the special sealant inside the tread that grips the nail without any air loss. Hence, there is no need to search for a tyre repair shop. The sealant self heals the puncture hole up to about 2.5mm in diameter and then works as a regular tubeless tyre. 

    • CEAT Secura F85 (Tube Type & Tubeless): The Secura F85 tyre makes the ride quality comfortable with its unique-looking continuous centre ribs. The tyre receives cuts on intermediate ribs to ascertain optimum wet and dry grip.

    Unicorn Rear Tyre:

    • CEAT Gripp X3 (Tubeless): The dual tread layers and robust bias-ply construction of the Honda Unicorn tubeless tyre boosts apt performance even under challenging weather and road conditions. The double-layer compound ensures double confidence, as its grip remains new even if the tyre is worn. Further, the high grip compound allows safe stoppage, even under instantaneous braking conditions. The CEAT Gripp X3 is offered in standard as well as puncture-safe tubeless versions.

    • CEAT Zoom X3 (Tubeless): For improved handling under various conditions like leaning, cornering and straight-line stability, the CEAT Zoom X3 is endowed with continuous circumferential shoulder grooves. Its zig-zag centre groove and sipes in tread blocks allow excellent grip under wet and dry situations. The Zoom X3 tyre is offered in standard as well as puncture-safe tubeless versions.


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