Looking For The Best Adventure Bike Tyres For Your Royal Enfield This Monsoon? Get A Grip On These!

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Have you ever noticed how nature looks more vibrant after a monsoon shower? The grass gets a little greener, the sky looks silver, and the earth smells fresher. Even the roads look and feel cleaner.

Just one bout of rain is enough to add a new lease of life to our surroundings. No wonder, monsoon is one of the top seasons for adventure bikers to take on the roads and immerse themselves in the season's beauty. Whether you ride solo or in groups, the thrill of a monsoon expedition increases twofold with a solid cruiser like the Royal Enfield.

  • The mighty cruiser with a powerful engine and sturdy built is a real match for long-distance trips involving minimal stress. From the mountain ranges of Ladakh/Himachal to the Konkan Ghats, the bike's versatility is unbounded. For surefooted, stable, and safe riding, a set of the best tyres for Royal Enfield is crucial.

    After tuning up your Royal Enfield bike for the tour, check your bike's tyres for wear. In the case of worn-out tyres, it is imperative to immediately switch to a new set of Royal Enfield bike tyres. The Royal Enfield’s tyres play a vital role in facing harsh off-road conditions, especially during monsoon escapades.

  • Let's have a quick look at some of the famous Royal Enfield monsoon bike tyre patterns from CEAT, which will prove helpful during a drizzly adventure tour. All of the following tyre patterns offer superior grip on wet and dry roads, so take your pick:


    Sizes -

    90/90 - 19

    120/80 - 18

    110/90 - 18

    90/90 - 21

    120/90 - 17

    To effortlessly navigate wet, hilly terrains and uneven surfaces, you need a sturdy set of tyres. The CEAT Gripp XL sticks to the surface adequately and offers excellent ride quality. It's the perfect tyre for your Royal Enfield, made for all roads and no roads.

    ●        It’s groovy directional block design offers maximum traction on wet and muddy pathways. Dirt and muck do not get stuck to the tyre tread, thanks to its chunky block pattern.

    ●        Crossing waterways is made hassle-free with the CEAT Gripp XL. The water underneath gets evacuated efficiently, while the tread maintains continuous traction.

    ●        The blocks' uniform layout allows superior stability during off-road riding, even with a pillion rider.

    ●        A top contender for the best Royal Enfield Bullet bike tyre, CEAT Gripp XL’s on-road and off-road capabilities are unparalleled.

    ●        Its round profile and stiff shoulders allow for effortless cornering at high speeds on wet/dry surfaces alike. It allows for maneuvering through challenging curves without any hiccups.

  • So if you want an all-rounder to master the off-roads and on-roads this monsoon, opt for CEAT Gripp XL here.

    Sizes -

    90/90 - 19

    120/80 - 18

    110/90 - 18

    Are you planning a long-distance monsoon tour on open tarmac roads? Go for CEAT Zoom Plus, a premium Royal Enfield tyre for the rainy season. It boasts of superior grip, optimum comfort, and excellent stability on wet roads.

    ●        The tyre has a sporty-looking directional tread pattern that ensures better adhesion to the surface under any road condition.

    ●        Worry-free speed handling and secure braking are the high points of the CEAT Zoom Plus tyre pattern.

    ●        The tyre lets you lean confidently during spirited rides even during rain, courtesy of its continuous grooves arrangement.

    ●        The rounded profile of the front and rear tyres helps you steer through a tight spot without losing grip. 

  • Chasing the thrill of speed on highways and open roads this monsoon? Opt for CEAT Zoom Plus for optimum control and stability here.

    Sizes -

    3.25 - 19 / 3.50 - 19

    CEAT Milaze is one of the most durable tyre patterns in this category. Its rugged profile and great on/off-road capabilities contribute to a perfect Royal Enfield bike tyre. The tyre ensures excellent stability and control on bumpy roads.

    ●        The tyre boasts a distinctive tread design with a knobby configuration and a larger contact area for confident handling. It offers balanced performance on wet and dry weather setups.

    ●        It comes with greater non-skid depth (NSD) and features connected blocks that guarantee longer tyre life.

    ●        No matter the surface (wet or dry), it grips brilliantly and allows smooth rides on challenging surfaces.

    ●        A superb mix of conventional and modern multi-directional blocks pattern, the CEAT Milaze absorbs road bumps without compromising the ride's quality.

    ●        The tyre's groove angle is optimized to provide a firm hold and easy-rolling for stable ride quality. Its handling ability on wet monsoon roads is enhanced by the continuous center grooves.

  • If you want a tyre that lasts extraaa long with excellent on road and off-road capabilities, opt for CEAT Milaze here.

    The tyre patterns from CEAT offer exciting opportunities for your Royal Enfield, ranging from the RE Bullet, Classic and Thunderbird to the Himalayan. Pick any reliable tyres mentioned above to grip the real pleasure of a rainy adventure on your Royal Enfield.


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