ZOOM PLUS tyres for your vehicle

Let your love for high speeds meet the effortless cruising abilities of CEAT Zoom Plus.

CEAT Zoom Plus is known for its phenomenal cruising abilities on long routes. The bike tyre does an incredible job when it comes to riding on the highways, especially at high speeds. Its design facilitates excellent cornering ability, thus maintaining the balance of your motorcycle. The Zoom Plus is also suitable for offering a comfortable and secure ride to the bikers. The Zoom Plus has a unique tread pattern design. While biking on long tours with these tyres, you will enjoy an excellent grip on both wet and dry surfaces. The CEAT Zoom Plus, with its fabulous cruising capabilities, is an excellent option for anyone looking to buy tyres for premium and adventure bikes. Its exceptional performance on highways makes the Zoom Plus one of the best Bullet bike tyres in India. It is available in both tube-type and tubeless formats.

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