Reasons To Pick Royal Enfield Tubeless Tyre

Royal Enfield motorcycles are perceived to be tough and durable machines to ride even on the toughest of terrains. Traditionally, all the Royal Enfield motorcycles have come equipped with a combination of spoke wheels and tube-type tyres. A few variants of some Royal Enfield bikes recently have alloy wheels, allowing the bike maker to equip those motorcycles with tubeless outfits.

Take a look at the best available tubeless tyre for Royal Enfield bikes and where you can easily buy Royal Enfield tubeless tyre online.

  • For Classic 350 and Classic 500
    • CEAT Gripp XL 90/90-19 (Front), 110/90-18 & 120/80-18 (Rear)

    Designed to provide the best possible grip on all kinds of terrains, the sturdy Gripp XL is one of the best options of tubeless tyres for RE bikes like the Classic 350 and Classic 500. The angular and optimised block pattern of the tyre ensures that one does not feel a lack of traction while traversing over any kind of wet or dry surface. 

    For better weight distribution and optimum stability even on uneven surfaces, the Gripp XL features a uniform block arrangement. The tyre is applicable for both the front and rear tyre sizes of the Royal Enfield Classic models. You can find more details about this Royal Enfield tubeless tyre online here. If you are specifically looking for the 90/90-19 front tyre, you can visit here. Similarly, if you seek a rear tyre of size 110/90-18 you can check here, while for 120/80-18, you can check here

    For Meteor 350

    • CEAT Zoom Plus F 100/90-19

    CEAT Zoom Plus F is specially designed for the Royal Enfield Meteor 350 front tyre size of 100/90-19, making  it a unique option for Royal Enfield tubeless tyre online. The OE fitted tyre for Meteor 350, Zoom Plus F provides excellent directional stability with its continuous centre groove during city limits and high speed rides over open stretches. 

    Even during leaning at low-speed corners, the tyre makes the Meteor 350 feel surefooted, as its wider tread arc radius comes into play to enable maximum grip. You can find more details about this factory-fitted CEAT tyre here.

    • CEAT Zoom Plus

    Compared to the Zoom Plus F front, the rear tyre for Meteor 350 Zoom Plus with 140/70-17 tyre size looks slightly different with minor changes to its aesthetics. This tubeless tyre has continuous grooves from the tread to the shoulders, which along with its advanced compound, give the Meteor 350 superior road grip. 

    The OE fitted CEAT tyre of Meteor 350, Zoom Plus offers a wide contact area for stress-free highway rides at high speeds. Similarly, the wider tread arc radius enhances easy leaning on the sharp turns. You can find more details here.

    • CEAT Zoom XL

    The Zoom XL is another rear tyre for the Royal Enfield Meteor 350, sized at 140/70-17. It promises enhanced riding dynamics for the motorcycle. The highlight of the Zoom XL is its lightning-shaped tread pattern that not only improves the visual appeal but also aids in offering extra grip during prompt braking on wet surfaces. 

    Its enhanced groove angle and wide contact patch area facilitate a tranquil ride experience and absorb roadside undulations effortlessly. You can find more details here.


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