The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bajaj Pulsar 180 Tyre with Size & Specifications

Bajaj Pulsar 180 is one of the most efficient entry-level performance-focused two-wheelers in the country. The niche positioning of Pulsar 180, with its authoritative 180cc engine, gives it an advantage over other 150-160cc motorcycles. The bike possesses fantastic brand value and a simple yet appealing butch styling. Desired by performance seekers, it also attracts buyers looking for economical pricing and affordable after-sales. However, when it comes to tyres, many owners seem perplexed about the Pulsar 180 tyre size. 

The following blog will provide you information about the front and rear tyre size of Bajaj Pulsar 180 as well as the best-suited tyres for the motorcycle.

  • Bajaj Pulsar 180 Tyre and Wheel

    The Bajaj Pulsar 180 is armed with 17-inch wheels at the front and rear. The Pulsar 180 tyre size at the front reads 90/90-17, while the rear fitment comes as 120/80-17. Both tyres feature bias-ply construction for rugged usage and long life and are shod with a tubeless tyre arrangement for maximum performance under any road condition. Wheels feature an alloy wheel setup for a sporty appeal. You can check more details about it here:   

    Bajaj Pulsar 180 Front Tyre Options

    1. CEAT Zoom X3 F

    Pulsar 180 tyre size – 90/90-17 49P

    An apt tyre for Pulsar 180, the Zoom X3 consists of continuous circumferential shoulder grooves and tread block sipes. This unique tread lends the tyre exceptional handling capabilities under any weather condition. The grip and life of the tyre is enhanced further by the use of an innovative polymer compound, while the extended lateral grooves of the tyre make traverse on varied surfaces easy. You can check more details here:

    2. CEAT Puncture Safe Zoom X3 F 

    Pulsar 180 tyre size – 90/90-17 49P

    This particular tyre offers the same qualities as the regular CEAT Zoom X3 F, like superior handling due to modified polymer and continuous shoulder grooves. However, the CEAT Puncture Safe Zoom X3 F offers an additional self-healing feature for minor punctures. This tyre can self-repair punctures and pricks on the move. You can check more details here:

    Bajaj Pulsar 180 rear tyre options

    1. CEAT Zoom X3

    Pulsar 180 tyre size – 120/80-17 61P

    The CEAT Zoom X3 rear tyre of the Bajaj Pulsar 180 offers enhanced control over wet surfaces and corners, thanks to the zig-zag grooves along its tread surface. The tyre handling feels ascertained with the continuous circumferential shoulder grooves. The wide contact patch with unique tread design translates into a constant hold over the surface, irrespective of the weather and road conditions. You can check more details here:

    2. CEAT Gripp X3

    Pulsar 180 tyre size – 120/80-17 62P

    For a long-lasting grip over both wet and dry surfaces, the Gripp X3 serves as an ideal Pulsar 180 rear tyre. Its twin tread layers ensure a promising grip by using dual-compound technology whereas the directional grooves feature block connectors for a wobble-free ride. The robust bias-ply construction of the tyre offers increased rigidity for higher load strength. You can check more details here:


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