The Ultimate TVS Apache Tyre Size Guide To Make Your Shopping Experience Easy

TVS Apache is one of those motorcycles that have been instrumental in popularizing the entry-level category of 160-200cc performance-oriented bikes. Its sporty aura in both visual appeal and performance attracted countless young riders in the country. The TVS performance commuter offers wild throttle as well as nimble pickup. Moreover, its competent wheels offer excellent ride quality and smooth sailing on the tarmac. 

Most bike owners looking to replace their tyres appear confused when it comes to Apache tyre size as different Apache bike variants need separate tyres.

Here we present a detailed Apache tyre size guide to divulge you with information about varied tyre options available for TVS Apache motorcycle variants.

  • TVS Apache Tyre Size

    The TVS Apache RTR comes in three iterations – 160cc, 180cc, and 200cc. The 160cc variant gets 90/90-17 tyre at the front and 110/80-17 at the rear. Moreover, the Apache RTR 180 too, is shod with a similar set of tyres at the front and rear, i.e., 90/90-17 and 110/80-17. The front tyre for the most powerful variant of the bike, TVS Apache 200, is consistent with the size of its counterparts, however, the rear is shod broader and sportier 130/70-17 tyre size. You can check more details here:

    TVS Apache Front Tyre Options

    CEAT Zoom X3 F 

    TVS Apache tyre size – 90/90-17

    A popular front tyre for 150-160cc motorcycles, this size of the CEAT Zoom X3 is an apt option if you want maximum control over wet surfaces. The zig-zag grooves of the tyre, coupled with continuous circumferential shoulder grooves and sipes in tread blocks, helps to gain impressive traction levels. You can check more details here:

    CEAT Puncture Safe Zoom X3 F 

    TVS Apache tyre size – 90/90-17 

    This front tyre for 160 and 200cc Apache has the same attributes as the CEAT Zoom X3. However, it offers the additional benefit of being puncture-proof for small punctures. This is possible due to the self-healing feature of this tyre. It allows you to zoom over bad roads without worry. You can check more details here:

    TVS Apache Rear Tyre Options

    CEAT Zoom X3

    TVS Apache tyre size – 110/80-17 

    Another rear tyre option for 160 and 180cc Apache, the CEAT Zoom X3 tyre offers brilliant hold on dry as well as wet surfaces. The sipes in tread blocks and circumferential shoulder grooves improve the motorcycle’s stability on patchy and even terrains alike. You can check more details here:

    CEAT Zoom XL

    TVS Apache tyre size – 130/70-17 

    Dedicated to Apache RTR 200, the Zoom XL features a lightning-shaped tread pattern for enhanced constancy under wet conditions. Moreover, its soft compound at sidewalls enables it to confidently lean at angles at speeds. Furthermore, the tyre offers exceptional firmness due to its superior groove angle and wide contact patch area. You can check more details here:


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