Things To Know Before Buying Bajaj Discover Tyre Online

To fill the void that the Bajaj Discover bike created, CEAT has pitched its class-leading tyre range. Know the Bajaj Discover tyre price based on the following factors:

  • How To Buy The Best Bajaj Discover Tyre Online?

    CEAT offers you the ease of buying the right sized Bajaj Discover tyre at a fair price. You can check and compare with other tyre options for Discover here.

    Know the Bajaj Discover Tyre Size

    The Discover was on sale in India in three different iterations – 110cc, 125cc, and 150cc. Apart from the engines, all the three versions of the Discover also had different tyre sizes, which are:

    • Bajaj Discover 110: 2.75-17 (Front), 3.00-17 (Rear)

    • Bajaj Discover 125: 2.75-17 (Front), 100/90-17 (Rear)

    • Bajaj Discover 150: 80/100-17 (Front), 100/90-17 (Rear)

    Bajaj Discover Tyre Options

    The different tyre options available for Bajaj Discover are as below. To check these online, visit here

    1. CEAT Secura Zoom F (Front)

    For Discover 110cc & 125cc (Tube Type)

    Select the Secura Zoom F tyre for its reassuring handling, superior traction with a continuous centre rib and extended groove design, and effortless low-speed riding. The directional grooves evacuate water faster for enhanced grip over wet roads.

    2. CEAT Secura F85  (Front)

    For Discover 110cc & 125cc (Tube Type & Tubeless)

    If your priority is a comfortable ride under city traffic conditions, you can pick CEAT Secura F85. The featured cuts on intermediate ribs of the tyre enhance grip on wet and dry surfaces and assure an excellent ride quality.

    3. CEAT Gripp X3 (Rear)

    For Discover 110cc (Tube Type), 125cc & 150cc (Tubeless)

    The Gripp X3 tyre for the rear tyre has dual tread layers and a high grip compound for everlasting grip. The tyre offers a unique tread block pattern with block connectors to ensure a wobble-free ride. Moreover, the chunky blocks optimise grip on dry surfaces and channel water effectively. 

    4. CEAT Milaze (Rear)

    For Discover 110cc (Tube Type) & Discover 110cc (Tubeless)

    CEAT Milaze’s longevity is due to the modern tread block design and high rubber content on the tread area. Likewise, deep grooves and greater non-skid depth work in favour of safer wet grip.

    5. CEAT Zoom X3 F (Front)

    For Discover 150cc (Tubeless)

    The Zoom X3 F aims at enhancing the high speed riding dynamics of the Discover 150 with its circumferential shoulder grooves, sipes in blocks and modified polymer. All these elements help in improving the handling and stability of straight stretches and corners. 

    6. CEAT Zoom Plus F (Front)

    For Discover 150cc (Tubeless)

    The performance-oriented tread design of the CEAT Zoom Plus F enables stability and control at high speeds, while the continuous centre groove furnishes consistent hold. The tyre promises to increase stability around corners with its wider tread arc radius and continuous grooves from centre to corner.

    7. Puncture Safe Tyre Range

    CEAT’s specially developed have an in-house sealant, that fills in the puncture holes less than 2.5mm instantly. The self-healing aspect of Puncture-Safe tyres saves time and avoids the hassles of visiting a puncture repair shop.

    These tyres are available for the following tyre patterns and Discover bike models:

    • CEAT Gripp F (Front) - Discover 110cc & Discover 125cc

    • CEAT Zoom X3 F (Front) - Discover 150cc

    • CEAT Milaze (Rear) - Discover 110cc

    • CEAT Gripp X3 (Rear) - Discover 125cc & Discover 150cc

    • CEAT Zoom X3 (Rear) - Discover 125cc & Discover 150cc


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