8 Savvy Tips To Keep Your Car Monsoon Ready

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Monsoon provides you with the much-needed respite from the scorching summer. It transforms the bland brown landscape into soothing lush greens. But monsoon can also cause problems for your car if it’s not prepared to endure the challenges of the rains.
  • The good news is it’s not that difficult to get your vehicle monsoon ready. Here are some monsoon tips for your car maintenance which, if followed, will help you enjoy the season without any worries.

  • a) Car Exteriors

    During the rains, water accumulation on the car body might lead to rust. A thin protective layer of wax polish can be useful in keeping the water from seeping into the car paint. Door hinges and other metal components on the exteriors should also be greased and applied with anti-corrosion spray. 

    Over time, the rubber seals around the window glass, sunroofs, etc., may get loose. This may cause the water to leak into the car cabin, causing rust.

    Water seepage can also be possible if you have recently replaced the windscreen, window glass, sunroof or its rubber seals. Either way, this issue should be fixed as early as possible to avoid future hassle.

  • b) Brake Precision

    Good tyre grip and responsive brakes make the perfect blend to ensure confident braking and control. With worn-out brakes and insufficient tread, prompt braking is not possible.  Thus the braking distance increases, thus reducing the safety quotient of your tyres. 

    Smooth driving is possible if the brake pads are clean. If the brakes underperform, get them examined by an expert or replace them with a new set.

  • c) Tyre Care

    Monsoon tyre care is vital as the tyre bears the brunt of bad or wet roads. Your braking, smooth running, grip on the roads and consequently your safety, depends on the tyre conditions. To ensure an optimum tyre condition, check whether there is ample tread on the tyre. If yes, they will have superb grip on any wet road surfaces. Mind you, during the rains, the roads become more slippery due to oil/lube leakages that mix with the rainwater.

    Adequate tread grooves are a must for secure traction to ensure your safety. Thus examine your tyres for tread depth. How can you check if your tyres have the right tread depth?

    Look for tread-wear indicators inside the grooves, if they have faded, it’s time for a tyre change. You can buy the best monsoon car tyres online and get them installed at your nearest tyre shop, with just a few clicks. Log on to CEAT’s online store today!

    Keeping the car tyre pressure up to the recommended levels is also a must for optimum performance during rains.

  • d) Wipers and Washer

    Windshield wipers are very critical during the rains. However, since they are not used a lot in the other seasons, the rubber on the blades may get dry and develop cracks, making the wipers inefficient. Hence inspect the functioning of the wiper blades. If they are in an ideal condition, the water on the windows would be wiped completely.

    In case you find smudges on the windscreen, change them. Keep the wiper-washing soap water liquid to the optimum level.

  • e) Electrical Check

    Make sure your car’s battery is in the best condition. Keep the terminals clean to avoid moisture accumulation. All the exposed wires should be insulated. Lights are important in this weather, so, if you find either the headlights, tail lights or indicators, not working or dim, change them / their bulbs immediately.

  • f) Checking on the Air Filter

    The engine’s air filter regulates the airflow and keeps the debris out. An easy way to ensure lower engine emissions is by keeping a tab on the air filter. A proper check can result in a longer engine life! 

  • g) Maintenance of Oil and Coolant Levels

    Maintain adequate levels of oil and coolant in your engine. Inadequate levels can result in faulty engine performance. Examine the levels and take corrective action if necessary.

    Make sure that the brake fluid is filled up to the recommended level.

  • h) Spare and Emergency Kit

    Due to unpredictable weather, it’s always good to have some convenient spare items inside the car like wiper blades, fuses, etc. A toolbox with all the equipment, especially a tyre puncture kit and a tyre inflator should be kept handy. Keeping some personal items like a set of spare clothes, flashlight, umbrella, rain suit, towel, can also be useful.

  • Follow these easy monsoon car care tips and keep your vehicle’s performance at its best so you can drive with confidence and peace of mind on rainy roads.

    Happy monsoon motoring!


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