Car Sanitization : Keep Your Car Infection-Free during the Corona Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the world to resort to self-isolation. No amount of information can prepare you for an outbreak of such epic proportions. So every day is a new learning experience.

Public transportation is non-functional in many cities. This means that you will have to resort to using your own vehicle in case of an emergency or to buy groceries and essentials. So, it is important to sanitize your car before and after use. Here are a few tips on car sanitization to keep your car infection-free:

  • Step 1 - Wear protective gear.

    ●        First things first,  put on your gloves and facemask. Disposable gloves and Covid-19 masks are available in most medical stores.

    ●        In case you do not have any gloves, be extra careful and avoid touching your face while cleaning the car.

    ●        Use a liquid hand sanitizer once you're done cleaning. Take a shower and wash your clothes immediately.

    ●        We recommend you clean the exterior of the car first. You can either use a car washing agent or a car cleaning spray to clean your vehicle from the outside.  

  • Step 2 - Vacuum your car.

    ●        Now, you need to get rid of the dust and grime that get deposited inside your car. Vacuuming your car is the fastest way to get rid of these tiny dust particles.

    ●        But before you start vacuuming, make sure that you take all the floor mats and other material out of your car. Keep them safe for sanitization at a later stage.

    ●        Once you've emptied the cabin, start vacuuming the interior, but make sure that your mask adequately covers your face.

    ●        Thoroughly vacuum the carpet area, the under-seat sections, bottle/cup holders, glove-box, and other storage spaces.         

  • Step 3 - Sanitize the upholstery.

    ●        The next thing you need to do is clean the upholstery properly. Isopropyl alcohol serves as an excellent disinfectant on most interior surfaces, such as fabric or leatherette material.

    ●        But it is not recommended for pure leather seats. Instead, switch to a soap and water solution to clean pure leather upholstery.

    ●        Use a microfibre towel for the best results. You can even use it again after a thorough wash.         

  • Step 4 - Wipe the buttons and knobs.

    ●        It's now time to disinfect the buttons and knobs of your car. Use a handy microfiber towel for this. Sanitize the areas that you come in contact with quite often, like the

    -          inner door handles

    -          door storage spaces

    -          bottle/cup holders

    -          the backside of the IRVM

    -          the seatbelts

    -          lock and unlock buttons

    -          interior door release

    -          Ignition area

    -          indicator knobs

    -          headlight knobs

    -          gear selector

    -          window buttons 

  • Step 5 - Clean the dashboard and the steering wheel.

    ●        Next, let’s go for an infection-free dashboard. Use the same method as mentioned in step 4, to make it clean.

    ●        Don't forget to clean the steering wheel. After all, your hands are in constant touch with it. The horn area of the steering wheel and mounted controls (if any) also need to be sanitized.      

  • Step 6 - Clean out the AC vents.

    ●        A clean air-conditioner means clean air. Hence, the entire AC unit also requires to be sanitized entirely. Vents may attract the virus from outside, which can later be transmitted to the passengers.

    ●        Clean the AC vents using a foam paintbrush so that even the smallest openings are thoroughly sanitized.    

  • Step 7 - Sanitize the floor mats.

    ●        Now that you have cleaned your car from the inside, it is time to sanitize the floor mats and other things that you had previously kept outside.

    ●        Clean the mats with Isopropyl or soap & water. Replace the rugs inside the car.  

  • There, you have successfully sanitized the car cabin. Stay safe. And stay tuned for more car care tips, be it for your car interiors or for your tyres. And if you're looking for car tyres at the best prices, consider visiting CEAT's digital tyre store to buy tyres online.


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