How to Choose the Best Creta Tyre

The Hyundai Creta is like that one kid in school who is brilliant at everything. It has set new milestones in every respect, from its comprehensive feature set to its diverse engine options.

However, tyres are crucial in getting the most out of a car. They are the primary link between the vehicle and the road. A good pair of tyres will improve the vehicle's acceleration, handling, and braking.

Finding the perfect fit tyres for a Hyundai Creta is thankfully not a difficult chore because of Creta's enormous popularity. This article covers the fundamentals of selecting the right pair of tyres for the Creta for a typical owner without becoming too technical.


  • Hyundai Creta Tyre Size

    Knowing the tyre size is essential before choosing the right tyre. A car tyre has many details that the owner must be aware of.

    For instance, if the tyre is marked 205/65 R16, the breakdown is as follows:

    • 205 (mm): breadth of the tyre

    • 65 (%): percentage of tyre sidewall height in relation to the tyre's width

    • R: kind of tyre (radial)

    • 16 (inches): interior diameter of the tyre

    For Creta, there are two distinct tyre sizes offered across its line-up. The 16-inch, 205/65 R16 tyres are fitted to the lower and mid-spec models, such as the E, E+, EX, and S. The more expensive models, notably the SX Executive, SX, and SX (O), come with larger 215/60 R17 tyres fitted on 17-inch alloy wheels.


  • How to choose the best tyre for Hyundai Creta?

    Now that the Creta tyre sizes are clear, let's discuss the factors one should consider before purchasing a tyre.

    Road Conditions

    A variety of automotive tyre manufacturers offer Creta tyres.  However, one must keep the Indian road/weather conditions in mind before settling on one choice. This is why Ceat tyres hold an edge over other brands; their tyres are specially designed considering the Indian road conditions.

    Tube-type or tubeless

    The solution to this question is straightforward. Choose tubeless tyres. They are safer, more sophisticated, and offer a few other side benefits. It is not necessary to have alloy wheels to utilise tubeless tyres.

    Tread pattern

    The tyre's tread grips the road and prevents slippage in rainy weather. Never buy re-treaded tyres; they are unsafe and not worth the small savings.

    Rubber Compound

    The rubber compound utilised to make the tyre is likely the most critical aspect influencing traction and tread wear attributes. Generally, the rubber's quality ("softness") is directly related to the amount of traction and the tyre's speed rating but is inversely associated with the tyre life.

    Quality of the tyre

    Consider the following factors for overall tyre quality:

    Manufacturer's reputation - Always choose a reputable manufacturer. It does make a huge impact. Ceat, for example, is one of the country's most trusted and popular tyre manufacturers. Their production operations feature more contemporary facilities, higher quality standards, and newer equipment. As a result, quality is enhanced.

    Warranty - Carefully read the tiny print for warranty details.

    Manufacture Date - The fresher the tyre, the better. Try not to buy more than six months old tyres, and certainly not more than a year old, regardless of whether you buy online or from a Creta Tyre Shop.

  • Best Tyres for Creta

    For variants E, E+, EX and S

    tyre size: 205/65 R16
    tyre option: CEAT Milaze X3


    CEAT Milaze X3, one of the best Creta tyres, is noted for its resilience and longevity. The tyre is suited for the Hyundai Creta SUV's lower and mid-spec models. The high-mileage tyre has a perfect blend of hard and soft compounds for great endurance, additional rubber mass at the tread region and optimised shoulder depth for decreased wear and tear.

    For variants SX Executive, SX and SX (O)

    tyre size: 215/60 R17
    tyre option: CEAT SecuraDrive


    The CEAT SecuraDrive is the finest tyre you can choose for the higher Creta models. Specifically designed for compact SUVs, the tyre has integrated shoulder blocks and first-in-class 3D groove wall tech to offer incredible stability while cornering at high speeds.

    In addition, the CEAT SecuraDrive tyre has a fluidic sipe design and HP Silane substance for high-speed performance, traction, and assured braking. The unique tread improves Creta's grip, agility, and driving experience.


  • Wrapping Up

    The Ceat website is among the best online platforms to check, compare and buy Creta tyres. Buy now:



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