Save Fuel On Your Swift Dzire, Just Spin The Right Wheels!

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Swift Dzire Tyres That Can Also Help You Save Fuel

While buying a car, one of the most frequently asked questions is the fuel-efficiency of the vehicle. Even the consumers of India’s most fuel-efficient sedan, the Maruti Swift Dzire, seek novel ways of increasing its fuel efficiency. For instance, they switch off the engine at signals and avoid frequent braking or unnecessary acceleration. However, there are better ways of getting a bigger bang for your fuel buck. For instance, did you know that tyres can also help save fuel? For instance, the best tyre for your Swift Dzire is the CEAT FuelSmarrt tyre which has unique fuel-saving features.

  • How CEAT FuelSmarrt smartly helps saves fuel

    FuelSmarrt tyres use advanced polymer and other modern rubber compounds to let you achieve better fuel efficiency. Besides the compound, its fuel-friendly, rigid yet contemporary tread pattern, also favours less consumption. The interlocked tread blocks reduce the rolling resistance leading to lesser fuel consumption.

    Standard fuel tests reveal that CEAT FuelSmarrt tyres can save up to 7 percent of fuel over normal tyres.

    Plus, the uniform contact area of the tyre ensures fuel saving, lower noise and a smart handling of your Swift Dzire.

  • Why FuelSmarrt is the most preferred car tyre brand for the Swift Dzire

    The Dzire is extensively used as a family vehicle in India and by fleet operators owing to its high fuel efficiency. This can be further increased with the CEAT FuelSmarrt tyres owing to its advanced technology, making it the most reliable and the best tubeless tyres for the Swift Dzire.

    Therefore, it is now possible to cut your fuel consumption and achieve more distance with the same quantity of fuel with FuelSmarrt tyres. Switch to Smarrt, put more in your piggy bank and like a responsible citizen, give back to the Earth by reducing your vehicle’s carbon footprint extensively.


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