The Best Premium Car Tyre For The Monsoon

Car Tyre
The wellbeing of your car depends on your efforts to keep it in top condition. All car owners would agree that they treat their four-wheeler more like their child than just a vehicle. In fact, many of them don’t lend their cars even to their children!
  • Some top essential points we usually keep in mind for our car’s maintenance during monsoon are:

    ●        Braking system

    ●        Condition of wipers

    ●        All oil and petrol lids to be checked for water seepage

    ●        Anti-rust polish, and more!

    But besides these critical aspects, you also need the best monsoon car tyres that can be a great companion for your premium car. If you love long drives, then don’t ignore the importance of having monsoon-friendly and safety-oriented car tyres. After all, it's the tyres that bear most of the brunt in helping you reach that high speed, effortlessly. You would not like to lose control of your car on slippery monsoon roads due to lousy tyre grip! But worry not, because CEAT offers one of the most reliable premium car tyres to help you achieve the best performance even on wet roads.

  • Premium machines like the Jazz, Baleno, Ciaz, Brezza, among others, can easily exceed the 150+ kmph mark. However, with the monsoon clouds settling in, the risk attached to performance-driving on wet roads overtakes the thrill of high-speed. 

  • In rainy weather, stability, control, and traction become major points of concern. But CEAT SecuraDrive tyres are manufactured with specially formulated compounds and innovative tread design for achieving excellent control and superior grip on damp surfaces. Now you can enjoy smooth rides even amidst a downpour.

    The premium SecuraDrive tyre features an ideal blend of a unique compound that remains intact even after the tread starts to show wear signs. For instance, the CEAT SecuraDrive features highly flexible polymers that adapt to the fluctuating (hot and cold) temperatures without compromising performance and comfort.

  • The innovative asymmetrical tread pattern promotes uniform tread wear and paves the way for minimum cabin noise. Owing to its excellent performance, the CEAT SecuraDrive is trusted by many Indian car manufacturers for their premium vehicles.

    A definite choice for Hyundai Verna tyre, Maruti Baleno tyre and Maruti Ciaz tyre , the CEAT SecuraDrive, conquers wet roads without any difficulty and guarantees ultimate peace of mind to its users throughout the year. Capable of achieving high-performance as a Honda Jazz tyre and a Vitara Brezza tyre, the SecuraDrive checks all the boxes of an ideal all-rounder companion for your premium car.

  • Let's learn more about this top tyre pattern from CEAT designed to provide you with best-in-class performance on dry and rain-soaked surfaces.

  • CEAT SecuraDrive, for unmatched comfort during high-speed drives

    ●        The tyre is infused with a premium tread pattern and unique rubber compound for optimum stability and traction in wet and dry settings.

    ●        The tyre features a model combination of excellent handling, optimum comfort, and outstanding grip.

    ●        The wide longitudinal grooves on tyre channel water effectively underneath the tread. The tread retains continuous contact with the surface, avoiding the risk of aquaplaning.

    ●        The integration of a new-age compound in the tyre's built ensures excellent traction at high speeds. At the same time, its optimized pattern blocks tyre noise.

    ●        The chamfered blocks on the tyre's edges aid in responsive braking and reduce the braking distance in wet conditions.

  • You can buy the CEAT SecuraDrive premium car tyre online on CEAT's web-store or walk into any CEAT authorized tyre shop near you. Pro-tip: Skip the queue by pre-booking an appointment with your nearest CEAT Shoppe today!

    So while you steal a few happy monsoon moments, let CEAT take care of your premium car's performance and safety this rainy season.


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