An Easy Guide to Find the Correct Honda Activa Tyre Pressure 

Honda Activa is one of the best choices for people looking to buy a family-friendly two-wheeler. Over the years, the said notion has helped Activa attain an indisputable lead over its rival two-wheelers. The reasons that work in favour of Activa are simple. It is easy to ride, offers hassle-free controls, and its engine is supremely reliable and refined. Even its tyres play an important role in assuring reliability and superior ride quality. Right size tyre, along with correct Activa tyre pressure paves way for better tyre life and improved fuel economy. The recommended tyre pressure level for Activa is mentioned in the owner manual of the scooter. 

Here, we will be discussing the correct Activa tyre pressure for both front and rear tyres, and which tyre options are compatible with these pressure levels.

  • Most Suitable Activa tyre Pressure levels

    The owner manual of the Activa states that the correct Activa tyre pressure for its front wheel is 22 PSI, while for the rear wheel, it rates 29 PSI. However, if you ride with a pillion rider frequently, the rear wheel pressure should be slightly higher at 34 PSI. Although, the Activa tyre pressure for the front tyre should remain the same.

    Suitable Tyre Options for Mentioned Activa tyre Pressure

    Following are three different categories of Honda Activa tyres, which perform optimally with the Activa tyre pressure levels described above:

    CEAT Zoom D

    Specifically designed for the front wheel of the Honda Activa, the CEAT Zoom D is a tubeless tyre that measures 90/100-10. The zig-zag grooves in the centre of the tread and continuous grooves running from the centre grooves to its shoulder area ensures proper grip on wet surfaces.

    CEAT Milaze

    Available in both tube-type (3.50-10 tyre size) and tubeless (90/100-10 tyre size) types for the front and rear ends, this Honda Activa tyre guarantees high tread life. Factors like high rubber content, increased groove depth, and multi-directional tread blocks enable cushioned riding and excellent water channeling abilities during wet weather.   

    CEAT Gripp X3

    The CEAT Gripp X3, with a tyre size of 90/100-10, is specifically meant for the rear wheel of Honda Activa. Apart from a good load carrying capacity, this tubeless tyre also ascertains fabulous traction on different surfaces. Moreover, its multi-layered design and dual compound technology ensure low tread wear rate and stability.

    Honda Activa tyre Availability

    All three tyre options for the Honda Activa are available online at or the CEAT app. Both platforms allow you to compare prices and have a detailed look at the features and benefits of the tyres. Apart from this, you can also buy tyre by walking into a CEAT Shoppe near you.


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