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The Honda Activa has become a household name in the sphere of two-wheelers. Such is the popularity and success rate of the Honda Activa that the demand for these scooters has skyrocketed in India. Primarily known for its reliability, ease of riding, and low upkeep ownership, the Honda Activa is the cynosure of all eyes. It delivers its purpose seamlessly, is appealing to the eyes, and comes with the simplest mechanical understanding for a scooter. The tyres for Activa are engineered to match the hassle-freeness and frugality of the scooter.

Finding the right set of tyres for Activa is not a herculean task when done following a systematic approach.  Selecting and buying them can become much easier, especially when a plethora of options are available. Here, we will discuss how to select the right tyres for Activa, depending on the tyre size, choice of customer and variants available.

  • A Step-By-Step Approach To Find The Right Tyres For Activa

    The website and smartphone application of CEAT tyres has a systematic way to select the best possible tyre solutions for the Honda Activa. In both the online sources, all you need to do is insert ‘Honda Activa’ in the search bar for ‘Scooter Make and Model’. After that, select between ‘Front’ and ‘Rear’ in the ‘Tyre Option’. Finally, choose the variant of the Activa you own under the ‘Variant’ search bar. All these search filters will result in the appropriate tyre matching your requirement, out of which you can choose the right tyres for Activa.

    What Are The Options For The Right Tyres For Activa?

    The Honda Activa Tyres can be equipped with both tube-type and tubeless tyres. Currently, there are three different tyres for Activa offering various characteristics and applications:

    • CEAT Milaze

    It is the most popular tyre option for Honda Activa and is available in both tube-type and tubeless layouts. The tube-type Milaze is specifically for the front and measures 3.50-10. The CEAT Milaze for the rear can be in both tube-type and tubeless versions with a size alternate of 90/100-10. The Milaze is picked mainly for its long life span and rugged pattern. The high durability factor is ascertained further by the multi-directional pattern and extra rubber content at the contact area. 

    • CEAT Zoom X3

    Offered in a single size of 90/100-10 in the tubeless layout, the Zoom X3 tyre vows excellent stability on straight stretches and city traffic. Its zig-zag groove amid the centre of the tread and continuous grooves at the shoulder area assist in wobble-free rides The tyre feels surefooted even on wet surfaces due to extended lateral grooves, while the water is dispersed successfully through a deep groove design.

    • CEAT Gripp X3

    The tubeless tyre is specifically available for the front of the Honda Activa in the size of 90/100-10. The Gripp X3 offers a perfect balance between outright stability and a longer life span. With traits like the dual-compound technology and distinctively designed tread blocks, the tyre favours effective grip and high mileage. This further helps the connected tread block connectors to endorse a wobble-free ride.


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