Don’t Skip The Grip This Monsoon With CEAT Gripp X3 Scooter Tyre

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The rainy season gets a bit messy for two-wheeler commuters. Riding in heavy showers, or on slippery roads can spell trouble for them because, in this season, the roads are slippery and waterlogged. So as a scooter rider, you need to be extra cautious while riding. For instance, you have to moderate your speed and ensure that you have effective braking on wet roads, otherwise, skidding or slipping can be pretty dangerous.
  • Speaking of braking, it’s good to know that while applying the brakes, the brake shoe alone does not stop the vehicle. The tyres play an essential role in reducing the stopping distance. Prompt, controlled braking is possible when your tyres are new or in good condition. Over time, it is natural that tyres undergo wear and tear and lose their grip. So ensure that you have the best scooter tyres available in the market  that can make braking effective.

  • However, the new CEAT scooter tyre - the CEAT Gripp X3 ensures a long-lasting grip on the road, no matter how old or worn out  the tyre gets . This revolutionary feature is the reason that it counts as one of the best scooter tyres for wet roads in India.

  • How is CEAT Gripp X3 a one of a kind tyre in its segment?

    Powerful braking is one of the top requirements of any efficient scooter tyre. As scooters are generally used in cityscapes for everyday commuting, they have to deal with all types of obstacles -

    ●        Pedestrians crossing the roads

    ●        Stray animals cutting across the path

    ●        Hidden potholes

    ●        Oversized speed-breakers

  • Add to the list slippery monsoon roads and waterlogging.

    Now all these situations demand instant braking, else, this could lead to a mishap.

    So how does one ensure that they have a solid and efficient braking system?

    It's all about the grip of the tyre. A tyre with proper grip allows for efficient braking. But as the tyre wears out, the first thing to get affected is the grip.

    CEAT is always committed to its consumers’ safety. Keeping the issues of braking and skidding in mind, we introduced the new CEAT Gripp X3. With this tyre, the rider's safety is never compromised even as the tyre ages. The tyre's tread pattern ensures an impeccable performance in city setups

  • What makes CEAT Gripp X3 a champion scooter tyre for the monsoon?

    Here are some remarkable characteristics that determine CEAT Gripp X3's outstanding wet grip in the rainy season.   

  • 1) Dual Compound Technology:

    ●        Created after a lot of research, the CEAT Gripp X3 features two layers of compounds in its tread.

    ●        During usage, as the first layer of compound wears up to 50%, the second high grip layer takes over and provides the same grip and comfort level.

    ●        The tread continues to provide ample grip even to tyres that have up to 80% tread wear , resulting in a long-lasting grip.

  • 2) Smart Angular Tread Block Pattern

    ●        The tread's unique angular block design prevents the tyre from uneven wear, resulting in longer tyre life.

    ●        These tread blocks effectively disperse water and maintain a firm hold over the wet surface in slippery conditions.

    ●        The pattern comes to the scooter’s aid in case of aquaplaning and minimizes the chances of skidding, while the grip remains as good as new.

  • 3) Broad Shoulder Grooves

    ●        The wide grooves on the tyre's shoulder edge enable excellent grip during cornering  in drizzly weather.

    ●        The rounded shoulder blocks aid in confident turns on twists and curves without hampering ride stability.

  • 4) Innovative Tread Block Connectors

    ●        Most scooter tyres with block patterns tend to wobble during rides even on smooth surfaces, let alone the rough ones. Things only worsen during the rains. The innovatively designed tread blocks of the CEAT Gripp X3 are connected with each other to ensure a comfortable ride without wobbling.

    ●    The tyre's stable ride quality and optimum grip inspire confidence to take on the wet monsoon roads

  • So, skip the wait and switch to CEAT Gripp X3 to experience safe scooter rides here . The innovative CEAT scooter tyre is the perfect solution for all your gripping tyre woes, irrespective of the weather!

    (PS: Are you a proud owner of a Honda Activa? CEAT Gripp X3 is one of the top Activa tyres out there as it guarantees long-term peace of mind to its users. No need to worry about losing sleep or your grip over wet roads anymore!


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