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The Yamaha Fascino is a fascinating product in the Indian scooter market due to its distinctive look and ability to stand out. The Yamaha Fascino featured a 113cc engine before the BS4 emission norm came into effect. The scooter is now available with a 125cc engine and is shod with bigger tyres than its predecessor. However, the Yamaha Fascino tyre size has remained consistent for the both front and rear ends in the 113cc versions.

There are various tyre options for both 113cc and 125cc versions of Yamaha Fascino, a couple of which can be used as both front and rear tyres in the 113cc version. Detailed information on all the aspects of tyres for Yamaha Fascino is given below:

  • Yamaha Fascino tyre size and wheel size

    When it was available in the 113cc version, the Yamaha Fascino sported a set of 90/100-10 tyres at both front and rear ends. However, the 125cc version of the scooter features a larger Fascino tyre size with 90/90-12 and 110/90-10 at the front and rear ends, respectively.

    Recommended Yamaha Fascino tyre size options

    CEAT offers a wide range of tubeless and tube-type tyres for the 110cc and 125cc versions of the Yamaha Fascino. 

    For Yamaha Fascino 110cc

    • CEAT Zoom D

    This 90/100-10 tube-type tyre for both front and rear has a zig-zag centre groove, which along with the continuous grooves from centre to shoulder, results in wobble-free rides. The extended lateral grooves and optimized compound takes care of wet and dry grip of the tyre.

    • CEAT Milaze

    This long-lasting tube-type tyre has increased groove depth with connected blocks and multi-directional tread block pattern, which results in slower tyre wear rate. It suffers less from puncture holes due to additional 10 percent non-skid depth.

    • CEAT Gripp X3

    The CEAT Gripp X3 tyres is a tubeless tyre meant for the rear wheel only. It features dual-compound technology and angular tread block pattern to prevent uneven tread wear. The tread block pattern also reduces possibility of skidding.

    For Yamaha Fascino 125cc

    • CEAT Zoom D

    This tubeless tyre, with 90/90-12 size, is fit for the front wheel of Yamaha Fascino 125. The continuous grooves running from centre to shoulder and zig-zag pattern for its centre groove ensures a stable ride. Made with optimized compound, this tyre has extended lateral grooves for enhanced grip on wet terrains.

    • CEAT Milaze

    Another tubeless choice for 90/90-12 front tyre for Fascino 125, the CEAT Milaze tyres has the knobby design for its tread area that offers better grip in wet roads due to swift channeling of water. Its multi-directional tread block pattern and increased groove depth with connected blocks contribute ensure durability.

    Yamaha Fascino tyre availability

    All the aforementioned options of Yamaha Fascino tyre size are available on the CEAT website, smartphone application, and nearest CEAT Shoppe.


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