Ride Worry-Free This Monsoon With The Best Scooter Tyres

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Riding in the rain is an enriching experience, wouldn’t you agree ladies? If nothing else, it teaches you how to be careful and stay composed on waterlogged roads and long traffic jams during the monsoon. Plus, you learn how to protect yourself from the hazards of riding on the wet roads.
  • So this year, prep-up for rains with protective monsoon gear, anti-rust equipment, and the right scooter tyre for wet roads. And when you prepare, safety should be a priority. If you are worried about wet roads giving you the ‘slip’ on safety, worry not. CEAT's wide variety of monsoon scooter tyres will assure that you have solid grip on the wet roads and stability while riding. So don't simply ride your scooter this monsoon, enjoy the experience too!

  • Let's look at some of the top options of monsoon scooter tyres.  CEAT has to offer. These tyres have the perfect grip and provide adequate comfort and stability needed for riding your scooter on damp monsoon roads.

  • A) CEAT Gripp X3

    Superior wet grip is the one thing that your scooter tyre needs the most for safe riding on damp roads. And CEAT Gripp X3 is an ideal choice!

    About the tyre

    ●        CEAT Gripp X3 features big center tread blocks that improve traction. This adds extra strength for straight-line riding, even if the surface is super slippery.

    ●        The tyre has distinctive directional grooves that enhance water channeling, reducing the risk of slipping and skidding by a large margin.

    ●        The tyre is made of dual-compound technology. The second layer of the compound promises a continuous grip, even if the first layer wears out.

    Why it's great: The CEAT Gripp X3 provides an everlasting grip even after continued use.

    Compatible with: The CEAT Gripp X3 is compatible with all leading scooter.

  • B) CEAT Zoom D

    The reliable, sporty scooter tyre is for women who want to club the thrill of speed with excellent control and efficient braking.

    About the tyre:

    ●        CEAT Zoom D comes with a groovy zig-zag pattern that offers a smoother ride quality within city limits and on plain roads.

    ●        The tyre has lateral sipes that ensure controlled wet braking and endless traction at all speeds.

    ●        The premium scooter tyre enables superior directional stability with its zig-zag groove at the center.

    ●        The tyre has optimized groove angles for better wet and dry grip.

    ●        The tyre offers superior comfort while riding on potholed city roads.

    Why it's great: The CEAT Zoom D lets your scooter zoom at high speeds without compromising on your safety! (However, it is always recommended not to be rash and drive safely). Plus, this tyre is approved by most of the scooter brands including Honda, Suzuki, Hero, Yamaha, and more.

    Compatible with: A top candidate for the title of the best Activa tyre, the CEAT Zoom D, is compatible with all leading scooters. Check for compatibility and size options for your scooter here

  • C) CEAT Milaze

    Are you looking for a tyre that effortlessly deals with slippery roads AND lasts reaaally long? Opt for CEAT Milaze!

    About the tyre:

    ●        CEAT Milaze features a continuous center groove for stable vehicle handling on demanding city roads.

    ●        The tyre's conventional knobby design evacuates water swiftly and maintains traction on the wettest of roads.

    ●        The tyre features a multi-directional block pattern that slows tyre wear and increases lifespan.

    ●        The tyre has ten percent more NSD or non-skid depth compared to competitors. This means that it has higher rubber content to prevent punctures in the rain.

    Why it's great: The CEAT Milaze scooter tyre lasts extraaa long! Just ask the 80 lakh happy customers of this mind-blowing scooter tyre.

    Compatible with: The CEAT Milaze is compatible with all leading scooters. Check for compatibility and size options for your scooter here.

  • D) CEAT Secura Neo

    A perfect combo of dependability and comfort, the CEAT Secura Neo's unique design supports excellent control on wet roads.

    About the tyre:

    ●        CEAT Secura Neo comes with a directional block pattern that offers surefooted traction on straight roads. This pattern also serves in confident control during sharp turns!

    ●        The tyre's high strength structure absorbs road undulations effortlessly and allows for greater comfort for the pillion rider.

    ●        The tyre's lateral sipes and grooves together minimize the chances of skidding.

    Why it's great: The CEAT Secura Neo is perfect for navigating the confusing cityscapes with complete control.

    Compatible with: TVS Scooty Pep Plus, TVS Scooty . Check for compatibility and size options for your TVS Scooty here.

  • Let your monsoon riding woes evaporate as you switch to suitable CEAT tyres for scooters from this list. Have you made your choice? Find these select scooter tyre patterns from CEAT here . You can finally enjoy the monsoons while you navigate your way through the rain, worry-free!


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