The Complete Guide to Choose a Tubeless Tyre for Activa

Honda Activa is a household name for two-wheelers in India. After two decades of success, it has become a synonym for the automatic scooter the country. Known for its practical nature, zippy engine, and fuss-free rideability, Activa has witnessed many updates to date. Initially offered with a tube type tyre fitment, its recent variants are shod with tubeless tyres. The trendy tubeless tyres these days provide more comfort and are less prone to frequent punctures in comparison to the tube-type ones.

So, the question arises; can we opt for a tubeless tyre for Activa scooter in the existing tube-type tyre setup? The answer is yes. However, since the rim arrangement is different for tube-type tyres and tubeless tyres, you need to get the tubeless type rim fitted separately.

After getting the tubeless setup there are numerous options available for tubeless tyre for Activa. Let’s check out the tyre size of Activa, followed by the right tubeless tyre options for Activa.

  • Honda Activa Tyre Size

    In the early years, Activa was available with a 3.50-10 tyre size and tube type layout. This tube-type tyre setup evolved with the entry of a new tyre size, i.e., the 90/100-10 tubeless tyre for Activa, which can be set-up with all the Activa variants. Further, the Activa 125 gets 90/90-12 at front and 90/100-10 tyre size at the rear wheel.

    Tubeless Tyre for Activa

    The three options for the tubeless tyre for Activa are as follows:

    CEAT Zoom D

    Size: 90/100-10, 90/90-12

    The Zoom D scooter tyre features a zig-zag groove in the centre of the tread area, which offers perfect grip on all kinds of surfaces. This tyre also features continuous grooves, present between the centre groove and shoulder area, for additional stability. The tyre has extended lateral grooves for better performance on wet surfaces.

    CEAT Gripp X3

    Size: 90/100-10

    The CEAT Gripp X3 features dual-compound technology for optimum grip throughout tread life. The visually appealing tyre is developed using wear arrest elements for better longevity. The tyre also features a unique pattern, which offers anti-skidding properties and reduces wear and tear. The distinctively designed tread block connectors further boost its stability.

    CEAT Milaze

    Size: 90/100-10

    Another rear tubeless tyre for Activa, the Milaze guarantees a longer life span and enhanced durability. 

    The long-lasting nature of the CEAT Milaze is facilitated by the deep grooves and multi-directional patterns for its tread blocks. The higher rubber content along its tread area enhances the overall life span of the tyre, which gives it additional 10 per cent non-skid depth and reduces the tyre wear. The tread design allows quick water dispersal under rainy conditions.



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