The Different Features And Specifications Of Fascino Tyre Sizes 

With the Fascino, Yamaha broke the monotony of offering unisex or sportily styled scooters and offered something which was never seen before in this segment. The neo-retro design of the Yamaha Fascino was the talking point at the time of its debut. Its evolution ever since has only been marvellous, especially when it was upgraded to a 125cc scooter. With this update, the Fascino not only received a bigger engine, but the Fascino tyre size  also saw a major upgrade for both front and rear.

  • Yamaha Fascino Tyre Size

    In the first generation model which was launched as a 113cc scooter, the Yamaha Fascino was shod with 90/100-10 tyres at the front as well as rear. However, the second generation Fascino model got a major overhaul in each aspect, including the Fascino tyre size as well. This time around, the Fascino advanced to a bigger 90/90-12 tyre at the front and 110/90-10 tyre equipped at the rear.

    Yamaha Fascino Tyre Options

    Three major types of tyres are available as the Fascino tyre size for the front and rear fitments. Here are those options:

    CEAT Zoom D

    The CEAT Zoom D is available for two Fascino tyre size options, that is, 90/100-10 tube-type for the old 113cc model and 90/90-12 tubeless for the new 125cc model. Considered to be one of the safest options for balanced handling across all riding surfaces, the Zoom D comes with a special zig-zag pattern groove in the middle of the tread. The continuous grooves work in tandem to reduce wobbling while riding on uneven surfaces. Moreover, the grip of the tyre is further enhanced by the presence of extended lateral grooves and optimised compounds. 

    CEAT Milaze

    Like the Zoom D, the CEAT Milaze too is available in two versions for the Fascino tyre size. One is the 90/100-10 tube-type compatible for the old 113cc model and the second is the 90/90-12 tubeless suitable for the new 125cc model. The high mileage scooter tyre has multi-directional tread blocks featuring a knobby groove pattern for a uniform ride on smooth and rough surfaces. Thanks to its non-skid depth element and increased groove depth, it helps in better water scattering under wet conditions.

    CEAT Gripp X3

    Specifically designed for the Fascino tyre size of the rear wheel of the 113cc model, the CEAT Gripp X3 gets dual compound expertise that allows optimum traction for long. The angular tread block pattern with block connectors enables superior handling and performance under urban conditions. The chunky tread design with sipes in the tyre allows excellent grip on wet and dry surfaces, and also reduces the chances of skid during rainy weather.    

    Yamaha Fascino Tyre Availability

    There are various ways through which you can purchase the CEAT tyre options for the Fascino tyre size mentioned above. Either you can choose online options like and CEAT app, or you can directly visit any CEAT Shoppe nearby.


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