Best Monsoon Tyres For Your Premium Performance Bike

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Do you own a mean machine with an engine of 150cc or more? Then you know the thrill of riding your premium bike and chasing high speeds on open roads!

India has seen a rise in the sales of premium bikes in the last 4-6 years. This has happened owing to a change in the consumers’ lifestyle and taste. Riders today want more out of their vehicle than just utility offered by commuter bikes

  • However mean your machine might be, the monsoons can be meaner and make you nervous about riding at top speed. But now you can hit the brakes on all that worrying, because thanks to premium bike tyres from CEAT, high performance riding on wet roads is now possible. CEAT's high quality tyres for top-rated premium motorcycles guarantee a surefooted grip and excellent stability even at high speed

  • Let's look at some of CEAT's best rain motorcycle tyres for your premium bike's front and rear wheels. The following tyre patterns hold outstanding traction and consistency while riding on wet surfaces.   

  • → CEAT Zoom Rad X1

    About the tyre: The Zoom Rad X1 is a high-end radial tyre with a sporty tread pattern for superior performance and stability on wet roads.

    ●        Its smartly constructed grooves provide control and smooth high-speed cornering skills to your bike.

    ●        Its higher rubber content allows for excellent handling.

    ●        The stickiness of the rubber compound offers superior grip and responsive braking.

    What makes it great: The CEAT Zoom Rad X1  is specially designed for high-powered motorbikes. Its 'H' speed rating lets your bike run at a top speed of 200 kmph effortlessly without losing control!

    Popular compatible motorcycles: KTM Dukes, Yamaha R15s, TVS Apaches. Check for sizes and vehicle compatibility here.

  • → CEAT Zoom X3

    About the tyre: The CEAT Zoom X3 features an aggressive tread design which is rich with grooves extending from the tyre's center to its shoulder.

    ●        The zigzag groove design at the center ensures constant grip during straight rides and on wet roads alike.

    ●        A perfect companion for both city roads and clear long routes, the CEAT Zoom X3 offers firm control and excellent cornering ability.

    ●        The extended lateral grooves let you speed up with minimized risk of aquaplaning or skidding.

    ●        The sipes within the blocks guarantee a controlled ride on wet and uneven surfaces.

    What makes it great: This tyre allows you to speed on all terrains without compromising on stability. Plus, it makes your bike look pretty good while doing so, owing to its appealing design!

    Popular compatible motorcycles: Bajaj's Pulsar series - Pulsar 150, Pulsar 180, Pulsar 220. Check for sizes and vehicle compatibility here

  • → CEAT Gripp XL

    About the tyre: CEAT Gripp XL is a sturdy tyre pattern meant for bikers who frequently ride both on and off the road. 

    ●        CEAT Gripp XL features an angular block pattern which ensures good traction on all terrains.

    ●        The tyre's angular blocks grip to any surface like teeth, even your stubborn wet monsoon roads.

    ●        The blocks are designed to optimise the distance between them for better water channeling, resulting in superior wet grip.

    ●        The grippy tyre is known to have 1 metre shorter braking distance against other tyre patterns in the segment.

    What makes it great: The CEAT Gripp XL offers superior wet and dry grip on all terrains, not just plain roads!

    Popular compatible motorcycles: High-performance bikes such as Hero Motorcorp and the enviable Royal Enfield. Check for sizes and vehicle compatibility here.

  • → CEAT Gripp X3

    About the tyre: The CEAT Gripp X3 tyre is infused with an innovative dual-compound technology which easily makes it one of the top bike tyres with grip as their prime focus.

    ●        It features an appealing angular tread block pattern to ensure excellent grip on wet roads.

    ●        The unique tread block connectors will enhance your bike's performance on dry roads while allowing excellent water channeling on wet roads.

    What makes it great: The CEAT Gripp X3 is built with distinctive double rubber compound layers. This means that the tyre provides everlasting grip round the year on all kinds of terrains even after continuous usage!

    Popular compatible motorcycles: With its vast size range, Gripp X3 bike tyre can be fitted to various mid-size performance motorcycles like the Bajaj Pulsar and Honda Unicorn. Check for sizes and vehicle compatibility here

  • Don't force-stop your adrenaline rush this monsoon! Choose from this list of handpicked monsoon tyres and extend your power-packed performance to the rain-soaked roads.


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