How To Choose The Most Suitable Set Of Baleno Tyres?

The premium hatch Baleno has been on people’s minds since its launch. The game-changer model for Maruti Suzuki - Baleno is the highest-selling model in the NEXA outlets. Apart from its refreshing design and spacious cabin, Baleno is also loved for its refined driving experience, thanks to a set of polished engine options and a superior set of tyres. Here, we will be discussing a three-step process to select the best Baleno tyres you can buy online.

  • First, Know The Right Size

    Knowing the right size for Maruti Baleno tyres is essential as that is one of the prime factors which determine both driving dynamics and fuel efficiency of the car in the real world. Maruti Baleno is available in four variants – Sigma, Delta, Zeta and Alpha. The lower-spec Sigma and Delta variants are recommended with a tyre size of 185/65 R15, whereas the more premium Zeta and Alpha have meatier 195/55 R16 tyres.

    Second, Know The Best Maruti Suzuki Baleno Tyres Available

    For both tyre sizes, CEAT has come up with different solutions matching the perfect attributes of the Baleno.

    CEAT SecuraDrive

    CEAT SecuraDrive is offered in both the tyre sizes of 185/65 R15 for Sigma and Delta and 195/55 R16 for Zeta and Alpha variants. Designed to give the right balance of high-speed stability and grip levels, CEAT SecuraDrive tyre is a performance-oriented tyre that perfectly suits the dynamic styling and driveability of the Baleno.

    It offers excellent stability around corners, and the credits for this goes to its new generation rubber compound. The specially developed compounds improve stability under instantaneous braking conditions while driving at speeds. The wide longitudinal grooves of CEAT SecuraDrive keep the ride comfort in check. Simultaneously, the optimized tread design reduces the tyre noise filtering in the cabin. You can check more details here.

    CEAT Milaze X3

    Just like other cars from the Maruti Suzuki stable, the Baleno has built up a reputation for itself as a reliable car in the long run. To complement this aspect of Baleno, CEAT presents Milaze X3 tyre. CEAT Milaze X3 is available only for the Sigma and Delta variants, which run on 185/65 R15 tyres.

    The CEAT Milaze X3 is engineered with high rubber content at the tread area and gets optimized shoulder depth to reduce wear and tear to ensure it lasts for the maximum duration. What further affirms the tyre's longevity is the perfect balance of hard and soft rubber compounds in its composition, which offer a high endurance level even after extensive driving. Apart from these qualities of being a durable tyre, CEAT Milaze X3 also offers impressive stability during high-speed cornering due to its rugged shoulder design. You can check more details here.

    Third, Know From Where You Can Get Best Baleno Tyres

    Besides the conventional approach of heading to a physical tyre store, you can also purchase these tyres online. Here, you can check and compare all the attributes of various tyre options, including Baleno tyre price, before making up your mind on one option. For best Baleno tyres, all you need to do is click here.


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