Selecting The Right Hyundai i10Tyre Size

The launch of the Hyundai i10 affirmed the position of the South Korean carmaker in the Indian small car market. The car allured new generation buyers with its global styling, impressive quality, and premium appeal over others available in its segment.

Hyundai i10 was pulled-off from the market long ago, but thanks to its reliability, the super-hit compact car can be still seen plying on Indian roads. Likewise, due to its discontinuation, owners took time to find the right Hyundai i10 tyre size. However, despite being no more in production, CEAT has ensured that you can find the best tyre options even now and that too at a reasonable Hyundai i10 tyre price. CEAT provides a range of Hyundai i10 tyre online

  • Steps To Choose The Right Hyundai i10 Tyre Online

    Step 1: Go to the CEAT website:

    Step 2: In the ‘Car Tyres’ sub-section under the ‘4 Wheeler’ section, insert details about ‘vehicle make & model’, ‘car variant’ and ‘year of manufacture’. 

    Step 3: Click on the ‘Start Now’ tab. It will display all the options for the Hyundai i10 tyre size, you can select one depending on factors like Hyundai i10 tyre price and other specifications.

     All The Options Available For Hyundai i10 Tyre Online

    ·          CEAT SecuraDrive (175/60 R15)

    Available as the most premium tyre for i10, the SecuraDrive is a best fit for the top-spec Asta variant for 175/60 R15 Hyundai i10 tyre size. The SecuraDrive composed of a new-generation rubber compound aims at additional high-speed stability and control while cornering and situations involving sudden braking. The ride quality of the i10 can be made comfortable with CEAT SecuraDrive Car Tyres, as its wide longitudinal grooves and optimized tread design increase the comfort levels and vouch for reduced tyre noise. You can find more details with Hyundai i10 tyre price here:

    ·          CEAT Milaze (155/80 R13)

    There are several instances of Hyundai i10 still being witnessed on the Indian roads, a testimony of its reliability and durability.  Milaze X3 tyre for Hyundai i10 perfectly matches the car’s quality. The tyre lasts longer due to the integration of hard and soft rubber compounds in its composition. The tyre features a stiffer shoulder design, which aims to increase the stability of the i10 around corners. Moreover, with extra rubber content at the tread, the tyre absorbs undulations effortlessly alongside increased lifespan. You can find more details with Hyundai i10 tyre price here:

    ·          CEAT FuelSmarrt (155/80 R13)

    Like the Milaze, the FuelSmarrt is also available with a Hyundai i10 tyre size of 155/80 R13, which is for all the variants except the range-topping Asia. Fuel efficiency is a priority for an entry-level small car, and the FuelSmarrt aims to address this very parameter. With its low rolling resistance and advanced polymer compound, CEAT FuelSmarrt car tyres can improve the fuel economy of Hyundai i10. Another noteworthy factor of CEAT FuelSmarrt is its wide contact patch that diminishes tyre noise filtering in the cabin. You can find more details with Hyundai i10 tyre price here:

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