Replacing Your Pulsar’s Tyres? Check Out This Bajaj Pulsar Tyre Price Guide

For many young Indians, buying their very first bike is a rite of passage. The Bajaj Pulsar has been the go-to choice for many price-conscious bikers looking to upgrade to an efficient two-wheeler. Needless to say, the Bajaj Pulsar has been ruling the hearts of Indian bikers for over 20 years. The Pulsar range currently comprises several brilliant bikes with different displacement capacities. Therefore, a reliable Pulsar tyre is crucial to extract maximum performance from the bike. So, let's learn the Pulsar tyre options offered by CEAT so you can make an informed decision before buying a new Pulsar tyre. Compare the best available Pulsar tyre price and recommended tyre patterns from CEAT for different Pulsar models below -

  • Bajaj Pulsar tyre size

    The Bajaj Pulsar series comprises of varied displacement capacity bikes which include 

    1. Bajaj Pulsar 135

    2. Bajaj Pulsar 125 

    3. Bajaj Pulsar 150

    4. Bajaj Pulsar 150 Twin Disc

    5. Bajaj Pulsar 180, and 

    6. Bajaj Pulsar 220F. 

    The sportier NS range offers 

    1. Bajaj Pulsar 160 NS

    2. Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS. and

    3. Pulsar 200 RS. 

    4. Pulsar front tyre size and Pulsar rear tyre size depends on the variant’s features and capabilities.
    5. The smallest of the lineup, the Pulsar 125, is equipped with 80/100-17 and 100/90-17 tyres at the front and rear, respectively. 

    6. The Pulsar 135 comes with 2.75-17/80/100-17 at the front and 90/100-17 at the rear. 

    7. The higher displacement Bajaj Pulsar 150 is shoed with 80/100-17 on the front and 100/90-17 at the rear.

    8. The Bajaj Pulsar 150 Twin Disc, Bajaj Pulsar 220F, and Bajaj Pulsar 180 tyre size is common amongst all variants which are 90/90-17 at the front and 120/80-17 at the rear. 

    9. The Pulsar 160 NS comes with 80/100-17 at the front and 110/80-17 at the rear.

    10. The Pulsar 200 NS and Pulsar 200 RS feature 100/80-17 at front and 130/70-17 at rear.

  • Bajaj Pulsar tyre price
    • Variant: Pulsar 125, Pulsar 135 

    Front tyre price range: ₹1330-1900

    Rear tyre price range: ₹1800-2000 

    • Variant: Pulsar 150 

    Front and rear tyre price range: ₹1400-2000. 

    • Variant: Pulsar 150 Twin Disc, Pulsar 180, Pulsar 220, and Pulsar 160 NS 

    Front and rear tyre price range: ₹1550-2400 

    • Variant: Pulsar 200 NS, Pulsar 200 RS 

    Front and rear tyre price range: ₹1600-2400 

    For exact prices for your Bajaj Pulsar variant, click here.

  • Bajaj Pulsar tyre and recommended patterns from CEAT

    For comfort-led, zippy performance rides on Pulsar, a set of sturdy and reliable tyres is a must. 

    • For Pulsar 125 or Pulsar 150, you can pick CEAT Zoom X3 F for the front. At the rear, CEAT Gripp X3 is a top choice. 

    • The recommended pattern for 150 Twin Disc, Pulsar 180, Pulsar 220, and Pulsar 160 NS is the CEAT Zoom X3 F (Puncture Safe) in the front and CEAT Zoom X3 and CEAT Gripp X3 at the rear. 

    • The recommended patterns for the front tyre of Pulsar 200 NS and 200 RS is CEAT Zoom Plus F, and CEAT Zoom XL is ideal at the rear.

    Make your Pulsar puncture resistant with CEAT Puncture Safe tyres! These CEAT tyres for Pulsar are also available in Puncture Safe technology. The available CEAT Puncture Safe tyres for Pulsar are:

    • Size: 80/100-17 

    Pattern: Zoom X3 F

    • Size: 90/90-17 

    Pattern: Zoom X3 F

    • Size: 100/90-17 

    Pattern: Gripp X3 

    • Size: 100/90-17

    Pattern: Zoom X3

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