5 Signs That Indicate Your KTM Duke Tyre Needs Replacement

  • Introduction

    The KTM Duke is one of the most popular motorcycles in India. Perhaps it's one of the most potent bikes with the most recognisable features and a vast service network. The KTM Duke provides a new level of performance and comfort for the rider. The KTM tyre is critical in enhancing the rider's biking experience.

    Typically, a bike tyre is expected to last for five years, but other factors, including riding method, speed, weight, KTM tyre pressure, and suspension system, might cause them to wear out sooner. A few signs indicate that the KTM tyre requires a replacement

  • Five signs that indicate that the KTM tyre needs replacement

    Routine monitoring of KTM tyres for wear and tear helps maintain proper riding performance and keeps the rider and others safe. If a rider finds any of these five signs, it will indicate that their KTM tyre needs replacement.


    1. Normal wear and tear

    A bike's balance and performance might be affected during manoeuvres due to the tyre's regular wear and tear. The tyres will gradually lose their form due to bald spots, abnormal patches, one-sided wear, or ragged edges on their tread area. These patterns can also reduce the tyres' grip and traction, making braking difficult on a slick surface.

    A built-in tyre wear indicator (TWI) mark is included on the sidewall of motorcycle tyres. The tyres' tread area will get shallower with more use until it approaches the TWI mark. When that happens, it's time to get a new pair of tyres.


    2. Unusual tyre patterns

    With time and usage, the KTM Duke tyre may show some distinct patterns like:

    • Over-inflated tyres cause the centre portion to carry maximum pressure and create unusual tyre patterns. Due to this, the KTM tyre may require a replacement.

    • Uninflated tyres cause the outer edges to develop a bald spot, as they carry the maximum weight.

    Also, a problematic suspension system may sometimes cause the KTM tyres to develop unusual patterns.


    3. Puncture or cuts

    One should replace their KTM tyre immediately if it has too many cuts or punctures since the damage might render it unusable in the future.

    A KTM Duke bike's ride quality and performance may suffer if it has several tyre cuts since this will cause uneven contact patchiness.


    4. Blisters

    On the KTM tyre's outer surface, blisters signify a vulnerable spot. They might suddenly rupture, resulting in an accident. Therefore, it is important to monitor these bulges and directly visit a service centre when they are spotted. 

    It's important to visit an expert like CEAT Shoppe to get the accurate KTM tyre size and fit for a KTM Duke motorcycle.


    5. Frequent drop in air pressure

    Riders often forget to monitor the KTM tyre pressure. Whenever one goes for refuelling, they should get the KTM tyre pressure checked. There can be a leak if the pressure is constantly lowered by over 2 psi.

    Wheels with cracks or dents, worn-out or broken valves, stems, and cores, might be the source of this leak. Therefore, it's important to check them while installing new KTM tyres and replace them as necessary.


  • Final Thoughts

    For KTM tyres, one should opt for a trusted and experienced tyre brand. CEAT has over four decades of industry expertise. One can check KTM tyre prices at their nearest CEAT Shoppe or online. CEAT experts will help the riders find the correct KTM tyre size. Check the best deals on CEAT tyres here.


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