5 Signs That Indicate You Should Change Your Royal Enfield Bullet Tyres

The Royal Enfield Bullet is not only a motorcycle but an icon in many senses. It has been available in the Indian market for several decades and continues to be the longest in-production motorcycle. During these years, the Royal Enfield Bullet tyres have been tube-type, and even the recent models of the motorcycle are shod with the same. 

The factory-fitted tube-type tyres in the Bullet may seem outdated in the era of modern tubeless and radial tyres. However, keeping the heavy kerb weight of the Bullet in mind, along with its massive load carrying capability and effectiveness on varying terrain, the tube-type tyres function impeccably both on-road and off-road.

  • Royal Enfield Bullet tyres

    The Royal Enfield Bullet tyres measure 3.25-19 at front and rear alongside 3.50-19 as upsize for rear. The Bullet tyres are available in tube-type form in the standard fitment guide. Here are some of the signs that indicate it’s time for you to switch to new pair of tyres for your Royal Enfield Bullet: 

    Excessive Wear Across The Tread Area

    It is one of the most common signals for replacement not only for Royal Enfield Bullet tyres but tyres in other vehicles as well. All modern-day tube-type tyres come with tyre wear indicator (TWI) markings hidden inside the tread groove. While inspecting the tyre if you don’t find TWI, it means the tyre has surpassed its due date for replacement. This signifies an immediate change of tyres as the contact patch of the tyre is now losing grip due to less or no tread groove.

    Uneven Wearing of Tyres

    There are chances that a tyre might have still got life in it but it is wearing out non-uniformly. The uneven wearing of the tyre can be associated with unequal wearing of the tyre from the middle of the tread area.

    Scalping of tyre

    In this condition, the tyre usually wears out along the circumferential length of the tread. This might not be a big problem while linear riding but can create imbalance while cornering, especially at high speeds. If you face difficulty in handling the motorcycle at high speeds, you need to watch out for scalping of tyre.

    Excessive numbers of punctures or cuts

    The spoke wheels in the Bullet allows them to align only with tube-type tyres. If either the tube or the tyre, or both, have suffered from puncture holes or cuts, or additional damage, they become prone to frequent punctures. If your motorcycle encounters frequent tyre punctures, there might be a possibility that a puncture hole cannot be repaired further, which ultimately results in tyre or tube replacement as the only solution.

    Age of the tyre/tube

    Irrespective of the fact that your Bullet tyres have ridden much or not, there is a certain age that limits their usage. Here, it is 6 years post manufacturing date. If it has passed this age, with or without use it should be swapped with a brand new tyre. Beyond this time limit, the grip and air retention effectiveness of the tyre or tube reduces.

    If your Bullet tyres have worn out, you can switch to a rugged and reliable set of new tyres from CEAT. Listed below are the recommended tyres for Bullet Standard and Bullet Electra. 

    CEAT Secura F67 - The front tyre for Bullet features ribbed design at the tread ensuring effortless rolling on any surface. Its continuous ribs pave the way for better wet and dry stability. Moreover, broad width enables easy steer in city and comfortable long distance rides on the highways. You can check more tyre details here:

    CEAT Milaze - Manufactured using high quality longevity-oriented rubber, the especially developed rear tyre for Bullet can take on any road surface. Its distinct design at the tread arrest tyre wear and encourages long tyre life. The use of extra rubber at the tread allows more comfort during daily commute, whereas deep grooves call for better water evacuation under wet setups. You can check more tyre details here:

    Buy Bullet Tyres 

    You can purchase these Bullet tyres conveniently online at https://www.ceat.com/bike-tyres/royal-enfield.html or can visit any nearby tyre shop. Alternatively, it can also be brought from any CEAT Shoppe or local tyre store around you.


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