Everything you Need to Know About KTM Duke Tyre Pressure

KTM bikes represent an adventurous ready-to-race biking experience along with powerful performance. The street fighter design packs a punch for bikers always looking for a sharp riding experience off the roads and on streets. The Austrian bike maker KTM is a super hit with Indian audiences. The powerful KTM engine atop a lightweight frame makes it a superstar dynamic racing machine.

KTM has 11 variants of bikes in India, and KTM Duke is the most popular brand. The Duke series is priced between INR 1,75,000 to INR 3,00,000, an attractive price segment for biking enthusiasts.

Superpower bikes demand good quality in every part and accessory, for example, the tyre. Any tyre can’t be fitted for use on every bike. Choosing the right KTM tyre for best performance and safety is crucial.

One of the most critical factors for ensuring the revving ability of adventure bikes is the tyre quality and pressure. KTM tyre requires a pressure of 29 psi in the front and rear wheels without load. With load, the optimum KTM tyre pressure is 32 psi.

  • Why is Tyre Pressure Important?

    The tyre is the part that tolerates the maximum wear and tear due to road friction and exposure to all types of weather conditions. Optimum tyre pressure ensures a smooth ride and low resistance. High tyre pressure can impact the bike’s road grip. It can wear away the tyre treading faster and offer a rough riding experience.

    At the same time, low tyre pressure can heat the tyre and slow down the ride.

    The KTM tyre pressure can vary in different weather conditions. For example, for highway driving, the tyre pressure can be 2 psi higher than normal. For a summer drive, it can be 2 psi lower than normal. Similarly, tyre pressure can be lower by 2 psi for a mountain drive.

  • KTM Tyre Size

    The tyre size for KTM Duke 200 and KTM Duke 350 is:

    Front tyre: 110/70-17

    Rear tyre: 150/60-17

    The tyre size for the KTM Duke 390 model is 80/100 R18.

    There are radial and tube-type tyre variants available for KTM Duke. For a spoke and wheel fitted bike, a tube tyre is required. For alloy rimmed wheel, the radial tyre is suited.


  • Which Tyre is the Best for KTM?

    The best tyre for KTM Duke is CEAT Zoom Rad X1 F and CEAT Zoom RAD X.

    CEAT Zoom Rad X1 F is the first choice of adventure and biking enthusiasts. The CEAT KTM tyre gives a good grip at high speeds. For a high adrenaline ride, it provides the best comfort.

    The bike comes to a halt upon braking smoothly without a jerk. The tyre material is a premium soft rubber compound which provides excellent leaning and cornering manoeuvres. CEAT RAD X1 F tyre has a  speed rating of ‘H,’ offering great control and grip at very high speeds.

    CEAT Zoom RAD X is designed for the rear wheel. RAD X delivers high-speed power performance. The material is the same as RAD X1 F, which helps with stable braking, excellent road grip, and smooth riding comfort. The tyre's design ensures it does not heat up fast, thus adding its longer life and less wear and tear.


  • KTM Tyre Price

    The KTM tyre price from CEAT tyres ranges from INR 3500 to INR 5000, available all over India. For more information about KTM tyre prices and KTM tyre sizes, please visit https://www.ceat.com/bike-tyres.html


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