An Easy Guide To Apache Tyre Size, Features And Specs

The TVS Apache has played a big role in laying the foundation of performance-oriented motorcycles in the Indian market. What started as a 150cc motorcycle has evolved into several versions, all of which offer a perfect balance of form and function. Apart from the sporty styling and engine capacities, the Apache tyre size also varies across the entire range of models with the Apache nameplate including 160cc, 180cc, and 200cc performance commuters.

  • TVS Apache Tyre Size

    Both the 160cc and 180cc versions of the TVS Apache share much of their chassis components. The TVS Apache tyre size for these variants measure the same – 90/90-17 for the front tyre and 110/80-17 for the rear tyre. For a premium and more sportier 200cc version, the Apache tyre size is 90/90-17 for the front and 130/70-17 for the rear.

    TVS Apache Front Tyre Options 

    The TVS Apache tyre size for the front is the same across the entire range spanning between 160cc to 200cc – 90/90-17. Currently, two options are available for this Apache tyre size – Standard and Puncture Safe – both under CEAT Zoom X3 F.

    CEAT Zoom X3 F 

    The Zoom X3 F tyre is one of the most popular options in the 150-160cc category of motorcycles, which also includes the Apache range. The tread design receives a continuous rib in the middle of its tread for constant traction. 

    Moreover, the continuous circumferential shoulder grooves and sipes in tread blocks encourage superior handling. The water dispersion is made easy through the extended lateral grooves, thus helping in getting excellent grip on wet surfaces. Both the standard as well as puncture safe versions of this tyre are available in tubeless form. You can check out more details of the tyre here:  

    CEAT Puncture Safe Zoom X3 F

    The true puncture proof version of standard Zoom X3 F promises trouble free riding under any road conditions even after puncture. The special sealant concealed inside the tread holds the nail allowing the rider to continue riding without any worry to search for a puncture repair shop. Moreover, once the nail is removed the prick hole is sealed on its own by the sealant. You can have more information here:   

     TVS Apache Rear Tyre Options

    Three different options are available for the rear Apache tyre size. While two are specifically available for the 160cc and 180cc versions of the Apache, the third is for the 200cc variant.

    CEAT Zoom XL 130/70-17 for Apache 200 Rear 

    The CEAT Zoom XL is preferable for the rear tyre sizes of Apache bikes. The tyre comes with a lightning-shaped tread pattern, giving it a distinctive look. It also offers a tremendous grip on wet and dry surfaces. Additionally, the wide contact patch and enhanced groove angle of this tyre increases the motorcycle’s stability during high-speed rides. The Zoom XL is available in tubeless form and its details can be viewed here:

    CEAT Zoom X3 110/80-17 for Apache 160/180 Rear  

    On the other hand, the CEAT Zoom X3 with lateral grooves stretching from the middle of the tread to the shoulder allows complete control during sporty rides. Its unmatched straight-line stability is made possible by the zig-zag grooves that enable a smooth ride. The Zoom X3 option is compatible with the rear wheel size of the Apache 160cc and 180cc. Other aspects are similar to the Zoom X3 F. However, with a bigger Apache tyre size and a wide contact area, this tyre provides excellent control on curves. The tyre is available in tubeless layout and its details can be checked here:

    TVS Apache Tyre Availability

    Every tyre for all the Apache tyre size options can be purchased either online or offline. For online buying you can visit: , while for physical stores you can walk in to your nearby local tyre shop or CEAT Shoppe.


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