An Easy Guide to Finding the Right KTM RC 200 Tyre Size

KTM RC 200 has emerged as a favourite track machine due to its razor-sharp styling, addictive power delivery, and precise riding dynamics. The entry-level performance-oriented fully-faired sports bike from KTM is modelled on Duke 200. The RC shares a lot of components with Duke, including the power-packed engine, top-notch chassis, and other features like a fully digital instrument console. The two motorcycles even share the same tyres; KTM RC 200 tyre size for both front and rear is the same as that of Duke 200. 

Following is a complete guide to finding the right KTM RC 200 tyre size and other specifications.

  • KTM RC 200 Tyre Size

    The KTM RC 200 is the first motorcycle in its category to offer radial tyres on both ends. While the front is shod with a 110/70 R17 tyre, the rear end of the motorcycle has a 150/60 R17 tyre.

    KTM RC 200 Tyre Specifications

    CEAT Tyres offers class-leading tyre options for front and rear ends of KTM RC 200 tyre size. Both comply with KTM’s tubeless and radial tyre standards for the RC 200 and are available under the CEAT radial tyre category, i.e., Zoom Rad X1.

    CEAT Zoom RAD X1 F

    The CEAT ZOOM RAD X1 F tyre is one of the most affordable front radial tyres available for a motorcycle in India. This high-performance front tyre with round profile easily maneuvers across twists, sharp turns and enables confident rides at higher speeds. These tyres are superior in cornering at high speeds & are safe upto speed of 210 kmph as these are H rated tyre. The sporty tread and soft compound ensure line stability and superior ride balance. You can view its details here

    CEAT Zoom RAD X1

    CEAT Zoom RAD X1 tyre is the only rear tyre suitable for KTM RC 200 tyre size of 150/60 R17. The high-performance rear tyre promises greater control at high speeds. The soft rubber compound used at the tread calls offers optimal control during immediate breaking. The enhanced grooves of this tyre maintain traction and optimal cornering abilities for the KTM RC 200. These tyres are superior in cornering at high speeds & are safe upto speed of 210 kmph as these are H rated tyre

    For keeping line stability intact, this tyre comes with a unique groove design. Since it is a radial tyre, it copes with the heat build-up due to friction while riding and braking extremely well. This ensures the optimal riding control and the tyres run cool even after exhaustive riding. You can view its details here

    Both the tyres – front as well as rear – promise exceptional wet weather performance. They scatter water with effective ease through the uniquely designed grooves and prevent the risk of hydroplaning or skid.  

    KTM RC 200 Tyre Price and Availability

    The tubeless radial tyres are usually quite expensive and demand frequent replacement too. However, compared to other tubeless radial tyres, the CEAT Zoom RAD X1 range designed for the KTM RC 200 tyre size are affordable and offers slightly longer life.

    The CEAT Zoom RAD X1 for KTM RC 200 tyre size can be checked, compared, and bought online at Additionally, you can check the tyre in-person by visiting your nearest tyre store or CEAT Shoppe in your town/city.


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