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Nobody wants to get stranded due to a tyre puncture.  In case your tyre gets punctured, you have to look for a tyre repair shop nearby to get it repaired. However, CEAT has come up with a revolutionary range of puncture safe tubeless tyres to get rid of this age-old practice. Their innovative concept eliminates the hassle of puncture repairs with a self-repairing feature. 

In this article, you will learn in-depth information about puncture safe tubeless tyres and how they work in case of a puncture.

  • What Is a Puncture Safe Tubeless Tyre?

    The range of puncture safe tubeless tyres from CEAT is one of the most significant innovations in the tyre industry. The technology is being applied on CEAT’s existing range of tubeless bike tyres to reduce tyre puncture possibilities.

    The puncture safe tubeless tyres use a unique in-house patented sealant, developed by CEAT for its new-age tubeless tyre range, which is present within the tyre’s composition under the tread area and sealant lasts throughout its lifetime. Sealant seals all punctures upto 2.5mm in diameter. As soon as the tyres suffer a bike tyre puncture, the sealant fills in the puncture spot within no time, even while the motorcycle is in motion. You can find more details here

    Why Choosing A Puncture Safe Tubeless Tyre Is A Smart Decision?

    Generally, the tubeless tyres offer limited distance coverage after it suffers a tyre puncture. However, if you are not carrying a puncture tyre repair kit or don’t know how to use it, you may need assistance from a tyre repair shop nearby.

    There might be instances when you won’t find a tyre repair shop nearby and riding with a punctured tyre may cause damage to the motorcycle or result in an accident.

    The possibility of eliminating a tyre puncture makes puncture safe tubeless tyres from CEAT the preferred choice for bike owners. Once shod with puncture safe tyres, the hassle of frequent visits to the bike tyre puncture shop ends. 

    Where Can You Purchase A Puncture Safe Tubeless Tyre For Your Bike?

    The entire range of puncture safe tubeless tyres from CEAT is available at and other authorized CEAT Tyre Shoppes across the country.  We highly recommend buying the tyre online for a convenient and easy buying experience from the comfort of your home. 

    The complete range of puncture safe tubeless tyre options is available on the website of CEAT, along with their regular tubeless tyres. Currently, CEAT offers puncture safe tubeless tyres only for motorcycles with 17-inch and 18-inch wheel sizes. These special tyres are available for entry-level commuters and entry-level performance-oriented motorcycles.


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