Crown your adventure bike with these CEAT Tyres this monsoon.

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What is an adventure bike? Simply speaking, adventure bikes are street-legal counterparts of high-end dirt/sports bikes. A dirt bike is meant purely for dirt trails and race tracks, whereas adventure bikes can tackle both the off-roads and the city roads.
  • India has seen a surge in demand for adventure bikes recently. Pure adventure motorcycles are primarily focused on off-road journeys. However, in India, where most people desire maximum performance from their vehicle, there are a few dual nature adventure bikes available - a coveted combo of practical features and thrill. To gain maximum, hassle-free performance from these bikes in rough terrains and plain roads alike, tyres with an excellent wet grip are a must.

  • Talk about adventure biking, and the first name that pops up is Royal Enfield, isn’t it? 

    Besides this iconic motorcycle brand, there are quite a few new-age bikes that have steadily become desired companions for long tours and adventure camps within the biker community. 

  • But before you set out on your set of wheels  for biking expeditions, do remember that the grip is an indispensable factor for maintaining stability on rough terrains, while holding steady control of the vehicle. So your tyres must have adequate tread, besides other factors.

    For instance, The Royal Enfield tyres by CEAT complement the bike's top-notch built quality and solid reliability. They are rugged and are ever ready to take on any surface.

  • So, if you are a Royal Enfield loyal, you should consider switching to a new set of CEAT Royal Enfield tyres. Stability and steadiness should not be optional, especially for a Royal Enfield.

    We have listed the top three first-class adventure motorcycles and their recommended tyres that offer steadier control and grip during monsoon as well as dry seasons.  

  • 1) Royal Enfield Himalayan

    Built for all roads and even no roads.

    The true-blue adventure bike from Royal Enfield was an instant hit among adventure aficionados in the country. And it was welcomed by global adventurers for being an apt yet budget adventure bike option. The Himalayan fits all the requirements for adventure touring on the off-roads. It's packed with a powerful 411cc FI engine, that gives out 24.5 bhp and 32 Nm.

    The CEAT Gripp XL tyre is the best fit for this adventure cruiser. The sizes for this set of Royal Enfield Himalayan tyres are 90/90-21 and 120/90-17 for the front and rear. The tyres feature a high traction tread design. They offer maximum grip in damp and other unfavourable riding conditions.

    Like the sturdy off-roader, the Gripp XL tyre can effortlessly counter the challenges of rocky surfaces. The water channelling and mud evacuation are automatic due to the tyre's directional block pattern.

  • 2) Hero Xpulse 200

    Make new tracks.

    The lightweight new-age adventure tourer, Hero Xpulse 200, is a hi-tech reincarnation of the discontinued Impulse. Right from design elements to engine and suspension tuning, the bike's retro appeal is a welcome change. The Hero Xpulse, with its 199.6 cc engine, is perfect if you're looking for a medium-sized on/off-road bike at a value-for-money price tag.

    It comes equipped with tyres sized 90/90-21 at the front and 120/80-18 at the rear. And again, the top choice is the CEAT Gripp XL tyre. For the front wheel, the combination of the 190mm telescopic suspension and 90/90-21 Gripp XL provides optimum directional stability on rough terrains.

    On the rear end, the bike's single-channel ABS and the tyre's excellent traction work together to give you brilliant and confident rides on wet roads and even on no roads.

  • 3) Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350

    Ride unhurried to be one with the road.

    The Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 is the most comfortable and reliable cruiser for on and off-road adventures. The bike has a 346cc (19.8 bhp and 28 Nm) engine. It can cover long tours and provide uninterrupted city commuting.

    The majestic retro-cum-modern styling and the big wheels make it an ultimate touring machine. Although it's not as hardcore an adventure bike as the Himalayan, its excellent broad telescopic suspension tuning at the front and rear makes it an 80% on-road and a 20% off-road bike.

    The Thunderbird 350 wears 90/90-19 and 120/80-18 sized tyres at the front and rear. As far as the recommended tyres are concerned, there are two choices at the offer.

  • If your aim is to savor long joy rides on the highways during the weekends and cruise the city roads on weekdays, you can pick the CEAT Zoom XL. Specially developed for high-speed cruising machines, the tyre offers exceptional directional stability and optimum grip in wet and dry situations. Comfort, cornering, and control over every surface are some of the benefits of Zoom XL bike tyres.

  • If you would rather utilize the Thunderbird's potential as an adventure bike, you should opt for the CEAT Gripp XL tyres. The versatile bias-ply nylon tyres come with a unique, rugged tread pattern that allows an excellent wet grip on any surface.

  • Besides these three adventure bikes, the following bikes do deserve a mention: Bajaj Dominar 400, Mahindra Mojo 300, and Suzuki Intruder. Here you have our recommended adventure motorcycles, along with the tyres that we think can add to the quality of the rides. We wish you the best of rides when the roads open for adventure.


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