Going On A Road Trip On Your Bike? Don’t Forget These Essentials!

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“One bike on the road is worth more than two in the shed.” Isn’t it?

If you love biking, then you will definitely second this notion. And one of the best ways to enjoy biking to the hilt is to go on a road trip. The rush of adrenaline that comes with riding your motorbike on the highway surrounded by beautiful scenery is incomparable. But to fully enjoy this experience, you must be completely prepared. Read on for a checklist of essentials that you will need for an exciting road trip on your bike!

  • 1. A good quality helmet

    ●        Your safety should always be a top priority, whether you’re riding to work, or prepping for a road trip. The prospect of a road trip comes with a need to check up on your helmet.

    ●        Make sure that when you wear a helmet, it feels comfortable. You’ll be wearing it throughout your road trip. Besides comfort, it should be sturdy enough to last you the entire journey.

    ●        If you are accompanied by a pillion rider, equip him/her with a good quality helmet as well. Most bikers get dodgy about this. Don’t. Simply don’t. Your and your pillion’s safety lies in your hands. Well, in this case, it lies in your helmet!

  • 2. Shop for proper riding gear

    ●        Invest in appropriate riding gear. Road tripping on a bike is very different from your regular commute. You got to cover long distances with varying weather conditions. Heat, rain, and pollution hit harder on open roads and highways, hence a proper riding gear is absolutely necessary for protection.

    ●        Opt for a set of a quality riding jacket and trouser, or a waterproof biking suit with a thermal layer for colder weather.

    ●        Riding gloves, knee guards and boots are other essential items to invest in.

  • 3. Get a proper luggage system in place

    ●        Bikes aren’t as accommodating as cars are when it comes to luggage. And carrying luggage gets even more difficult if you’re riding with a pillion. Hence, you must have an excellent luggage system in place.

    ●        Use a saddlebag for yourself while riding. Plus a magnetic tank bag that provides easy access to things such as your mobile phone, wallets and other essentials. A backpack with spacious pockets can help you pack your luggage efficiently.

    ●        While packing your bags, make sure that you keep it light. Your clothes should be light in weight and easy to wash.

  • 4. Buy a GPS system for bikes

    ●        A GPS system especially meant for motorcycles is useful for first-time bikers or those who go on long road trips. You can get an aftermarket GPS system installed in your bike.

    ●        Plus, this helps save battery on your smartphone as you won’t need to use it consistently to find your way around.

    ●        Many secure and anti-theft water-resistant GPS devices are available for motorcycles.  

  • 5. Carry the spares and essential tools

    ●        Spare parts and tools are some of the most important things to carry if you are going on a long road trip by motorcycle. Use a tool bag to store these tools and spare parts in one place.

    ●        Here’s a list of spares and essential tools:

    -          a foot pump,

    -          one tube each for both front & rear tyres (if your vehicle has tube type motorbike tyres),

    -          tubeless bike tyre repair kit (if tyres are tubeless ones),

    -          tyre rod to separate tyre & rims,

    -          one piece of accelerator cable,

    -          one piece of the clutch cable,

    -          one piece each of headlamp and rear brake lamp,

    -          multipurpose tool kit with spanners for a convenient tyre change and removal of the wheels,

    -          bandana or balaclava to wear under the helmet,

    -          soft cloths to clean the vehicle

    -          waste rags to clean oil spills.    

  • 6. Carry a spare key

    ●        Another important thing that you should have on your person when going on a long motorcycle trip — the spare key. Just in case, the original key of your bike gets lost, an extra will help save the day.  

  • 7. Carry all the documents and accessories

    ●        For a more extended bike trip, your paperwork needs to be perfect. Make sure that you carry all the necessary documents. These include your :

    -          driver’s license

    -          vehicle RC & insurance

    -          hardcopy of the route map as a backup.

    ●        You must also carry debit & credit cards, cash, contact information of service centres on the route, a few passport-sized photographs, toiletries kit, first aid kit and essential chargers and electronics.   

  • 8. Carry luggage cover and a lightweight raincoat

    ●        Just like you need protective riding gear, so does your luggage. To keep the luggage safe from rain and dust, buy a good waterproof luggage cover.

    ●        Keep a lightweight raincoat handy if you’re travelling during the rainy season. You won’t be wearing the motoring suit all the time. Hence it’s easier to keep a small, lightweight raincoat along with your clothes. This will be useful when you’re not riding too!

  • Whether you’re prepping for your first ever biking road trip, or you’re a pro, this list will help you pack for your trip! Do you want to replace your bike tyres to make your ride comfortable and convenient? Check out the full range of tubeless & tube-type CEAT bike tyres available online and get them installed from a nearby CEAT Shoppe. Happy riding!


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