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Bike Tyre 17-10-2020

Bike Tyres With Good Grip Enhance Your Riding Experience

Your bike has a well-oiled engine and great brakes, but is the performance smooth? No? Then look at the tyres! Yes people, your bike tyres play a vital role in determining the level of your bike’s performance. After all, it is your tyres which ensure a safe and smooth journey over dry, wet and all other types of terrains. Also keep in mind that the right bike tyres provide the optimum grip. However, while buying bike tyres or considering whether to go for tube or tubeless bike tyres, the one of the last things on people’s minds is the grip. However this is slowly changing, and grip is getting a grip on the customer’s attention.
  • The Grip and its importance in riding a bike:

    Between the tyre tread and the surface, what keeps your motorcycle adhered to the road  is the grip. If the grip is compromised, the rider’s safety is also compromised. You may skid while riding or braking. Hence it is important to focus on the quality of the grip of your bike tyre. 

    There are two important things you need to know about the grip:

    1. One, the tyre holds on to the surface initially but loses grip after a while. 
    2. Two, the tyre uses a special compound and features a unique tread design. Despite continued use, the tyre continues to grab on to the surface due to its unique design.
  • Let’s understand why this happens:

    Rubber is the main constituent of a tyre. Along with that, there are various other compounds and chemical components that enable a strong grip in a tyre. Now, there are two kinds of rubber which tyres are made of - Soft rubber and hard rubber.

    • The soft rubber sticks more to the surface of the road and hence has a shorter lifespan.
    • Hard rubber has a lower grip quotient and enjoys longevity.

    However, leading tyre makers today are infusing a dual compound in their bike tyres to attain both, a strong grip and longer life.

  • Is the bike tyre with a stronger grip more expensive than the regular bike tyre?

    Advanced technology and quality resources have helped companies enhance their tyre technology. So both tube tyres or tubeless bike tyres, are now affordable. However, the tyre size, the tyre brand and the rim size play a crucial role in determining the cost of the tyre. However, it’s always better to weigh the benefits of using the best tyres for safety’s sake.

    Here are some benefits of using bike tyres with an optimum grip:

    • Safety

    If you choose tyres with a better grip, they will help the bike maintain optimum contact with the surface, and your safety will never be compromised. While riding, if you come across a pothole or an unforeseen obstacle, the sudden application of brakes does not hamper your safety quotient,  thanks to the effective grip that allows you to stop at a shorter braking distance.

    • Comfort

    With safety, comfort comes naturally. As the tyres have a good grip on the road’s surface, the rider is sure-footed and hence feels comfortable. This helps make long rides less stressful and more enjoyable.

    • Better riding and  handling

    If the rider has a firm grip on the bike tyres, the handling of the vehicle becomes easier. You will be assured of a stress-free ride, especially when you are riding through jammed streets and busy lanes. Likewise, a sudden curve on a road will not stunt your speed, as you can ride on without braking suddenly. All these benefits come with bike tyres that have a great grip.

  • It’s like wearing comfortable shoes. If the shoes are loose and your feet do not have an ample grip on them, you might lose balance while walking. Now you don’t want to fall flat and break a bone, do you?

    Now that you have a clearer idea about the importance of a good grip in your bike tyres, don’t compromise on your safety. Strong bike tyres ensure a higher level of vehicular performance. So the next time you go shopping for tube type or tubeless bike tyres, choose the best bike tyres that provide a great grip so you can have a safe, comfortable and enjoyable ride wherever you venture. Get a grip on bike tyres with a good grip!

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