Learn How The Best Tyre For Yamaha R15 Can Enhance Its Performance

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Remember the time, when Yamaha launched the R15, an affordable sports bike? It was a dream come true for most bike lovers, as the R15 introduced a new affordable super-sport segment into the Indian 2-wheeler market. In the past decade itself, as many as three generations of the R15 have already been launched. But after all these years too, the one thing consistent with the sports bike, is its performance. The Yamaha R15 bike tyre contributes significantly to the bike’s performance so much so, that the tyres are popularly referred to as the bike’s ‘wheeled legs’.
  • Whether it is the R15 back tyre or the R15 front tyre, an ideal tyre must have an excellent grip. It should sustain lean angles and high-speed cornering. This is where the CEAT Zoom series zooms past the other brands which claim to have the best tyre for R15. The Zoom range from CEAT is tailored for grip and comfort which gives your Yamaha R15 stability, grip, and excellent comfort. Moreover, the rubber of the tyres sticks to the surface and lends the rider total control of the bike. 

  • To choose the right brand of tyres, first you need to understand the parameters and features.

    To begin with, you need to know the sizes of the front and rear wheels of the bike. The Yamaha R15 tyre sizes for the older variants are 100/80-17 for the front wheel, and 140/70-17 for the rear wheel. The newer iteration of the R15 comes with radial tyres in the size 140/70 R17.

    And now, pick the best tyre for the front wheel of R15 based on its features. Our recommendation is the Zoom Plus F for the front wheel, sized 100/80-17, of the Yamaha R15 as it has an array of great features like:

    ●        It is designed for high-speed stability.

    ●        It gives your high-end bike excellent cornering abilities.

    ●        The continuous grooves run from the centre to the shoulder. They help boost the tyre’s gripping capability and aid during cornering.

    ●        The directional tread pattern ensures low rolling resistance from the tyres. This results in better fuel efficiency.

    The Zoom XL supports the rear setup, sized 140/70-17, of the Yamaha R15 owing to its various features like:

    ●        It offers an extraordinary grip on wet roads. The lightning-shaped tread design pierces through water on wet surfaces. This results in effortless water channeling without losing contact with the ground.

    ●        The tyre maintains stability at high speeds on tarmac.


  • CEAT offers an alternate size (140/60R17) for the newer variant of the R15, V3, in the form of the CEAT Zoom Rad. The Zoom Rad adds an aesthetic appeal to your supersport bike in addition to features like outstanding cornering ability, excellent grip, and comfortable rides.


  • Your premium sports bike deserves equally premium tyres. Every supersport bike owner can enhance his/her bike’s performance with these CEAT tyres that have the right stability and grip . With CEAT, you can enjoy the thrill of speed on your R15 without any worries. Zoom into your nearest CEAT Shoppe today and get the best set of wheels for your Yamaha R15.


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