Planning that next big bike trip on your Bullet 350?

Bike Tyre

The right Royal Enfield tyres from CEAT will give you ‘winds’

Bike tours are a grrrreat way to go solo tripping, where you can lose yourself amidst mystical mountains and simply ride down those long winding roads. However, even if you are road tripping on a Royal Enfield Classic 350, a bad pair of tyres can puncture your biking dreams.

Biking can be pretty tiring when you are on a road trip, as you are riding continuously for long hours. Plus, if the ride is not comfortable enough, it can bog you down in the first few days of the trip itself. So, it is important that you understand the true essence of long-distance bike tours and choose the best tyre brand for your bike.

If you are planning to go biking across valleys, mountains, highways or off-roading, the road conditions will be different across different terrains. So then, how do you know which is the best tyre for Royal Enfield Classic 350, that will provide you with ample comfort and let you experience the true pleasure of riding? First, let’s understand the nuances of long-distance bike trips.

  • Why is it critical to have the best tyre brand on long biking trips?

    Tyres are the only part of the vehicle which remain in contact with the road constantly. They endure tough road conditions and undergo immense wear and tear. So whether you are driving down that hairpin bend or navigating through narrow mountain roads, a good set of wheels will ensure a comfortable, safe ride. 

  • Characteristics of an ideal touring bike tyre:

    Touring bike tyres differ from sports bike tyres as they serve a different purpose. The top traits of the best touring tyres are:

    • Excellent dry and wet grip

    • Comfortable bike handling, irrespective of the terrain

    • Longer tyre life

    • Less prone to punctures

    • Enhances the fuel efficiency of the bike

    Now that you know the nuances of a good touring tyre, choose the best touring tyres for Royal Enfield Classic 350. We recommend the CEAT Gripp XL tyres for these reasons:

    a. They are specifically designed to traverse on different terrains with an all-around traction and comfort. Amongst the other best touring tyre brands for bikes, the CEAT Gripp XL has wide grooves and directional block patterns which helps maintain a good grip during wet braking.

    b. Their unique tread pattern helps easy evacuation of water and avoids aquaplaning. This means that even when you are braking hard on wet surfaces, the bike stays connected to the surface. This prevents it from skidding and keeps you safe.

    c. Their uniform block arrangement ensures an even distribution of mass, so you are assured of a comfortable and stable ride.

    d. The CEAT Gripp XL helps in better bike-handling and gives you complete control when you are handling the bike on tricky roads and hairpin bends.

    e. The Gripp XL comes in both tubeless and tube type variants, allowing you to choose between spoke wheels and alloy wheels for your Royal Enfield Classic 350.

  • Wondering how to bag the best touring tyres for your bike?

    If you are convinced that the CEAT Gripp XL is the best tyre for Royal Enfield Classic 350, go tyre shopping online or visit your nearest CEAT Shoppe before you set out on your long bike tour.

    You can simply type in the phrase ’ tyre shop near me’ or ’tyre showroom near me’ to find the nearest tyre stores in your vicinity. Before visiting the store, you can also check the best tyre brands online and compare tyre prices with multiple vendors.

    Enjoy a safe, comfortable bike trip on your best touring tyres, and stay in love with road tripping. 


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