Power up your Pulsar with the Bajaj Pulsar 220 Tyres From CEAT!

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The Bajaj Pulsar 220 is a mean machine with true brute power. Packed with a 220cc DTS-i, 4-stroke, 2V twin spark engine, the Pulsar’s power is 20.4 PS and peak torque is 18.55 NM. The bike can turn your daily commute into an adventure as it has immense agility. The high end bike offers consistent performance. But do you know what can elevate the performance of your Pulsar 220? The Bajaj Pulsar 220 bike tyre! Feel invincible while riding your Bajaj Pulsar 220 on city streets with these super stable CEAT tyres.

This Pulsar 220 is known for its sporty ride stance and a comfortable rear pillion seat. However, before speed comes safety. Hence it is important to get the right set of tyres for the powerful bike, one which will enhance its handling ability, even in city traffic, by powering it better.

  • So which tyre can add more power to the Bajaj Pulsar 220?

    CEAT’s Zoom series can certainly optimise the performance of your Bajaj Pulsar 220. The coveted CEAT Zoom series offers dynamic options to meet your different needs. But before that, do note that the Pulsar 220 tyre sizes are  90/90-17 at the front, and 120/80-17 at the rear. 

  • The CEAT Zoom series has the following options for the Pulsar 220 front tyre:

    1) CEAT Secura Zoom

    2) CEAT Zoom X3 F

    These two tyre brands feature a modern directional pattern which helps in excellent directional stability. The other features are:

    - The Secura Zoom F is designed for effortless handling. It comes with an enhanced wet and dry grip. It is a great tyre to ride on within city limits.

    - The Zoom X3 F adds brilliant cornering skills to your Bajaj Pulsar 220. It helps in travelling long distances and enhances your bike’s agility. The continuous circumferential shoulder grooves are the reason why you gain better control over your Pulsar 220 while leaning and cornering. With the right grip in your tyres, you don’t need to worry about losing control over your bike. This is where CEAT tyres lend stability to your Pulsar 220.

  • The best option for the Pulsar 220 back tyres in the CEAT Zoom series is the CEAT Zoom X3

    The CEAT tyre is well-suited for the rear wheel of your Bajaj Pulsar 220, as it is built to control high-speed riding.

    Touted to be one of the safest and best bike tyres, the CEAT Zoom X3 adds stability to your high-speed rides because of the following features & benefits:

    ●        Its unique compound provides an outstanding control on highways.

    ●        The extended tread grooves allow confident leaning at sudden turns and high-speed cornering. These are lateral grooves that extend from center to shoulder.

    ●        The deep grooves on the tyre provide comfort and better water channeling. This makes the Zoom X3 safe and adds a consistent grip to your rides.

    ●        The Zig-Zag centre groove provides excellent control over straight drives and wet roads.

    ●        The tyres come with sipes in blocks for excellent stability on all terrains.

    Now that you are equipped to get the best out of your Bajaj Pulsar 220 tyres, go and own the city roads on your high-performance Pulsar 220. Buy these top CEAT bike tyres online or head to your nearest CEAT Shoppe today!


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